September 27, 2022

What a DUI Conviction Could Mean for Your Future

Driving under the influence, also known as DUI, is considered a serious offense. The effects of alcohol reduce your focus and slow down your reflexes, which means that there’s a high probability of causing a car accident that results in a fatality. The penalties you’ll receive will also be severe and long-lasting. 

Many drivers don’t know how to deal with legal procedures, but accepting the penalties can lead to severe penalties, especially when you consider what a DUI conviction could mean for your future. If you’re still not convinced, here’s a list of the penalties you might face. 

Losing Your Drivers License

Depending on the course of action you chose after getting stopped and arrested by police officers, you could find yourself without a license for a period of time that goes from ninety days to two years, depending on the severity of the charges. 

If you accumulate multiple DUI charges, your license could be permanently revoked. Unlike a license suspension, where the suspension will be lifted after the sentence is complete, you’ll have to pass a driving test and pay all the fees to reinstate your license if you’re able. 

Impact on Your Criminal Record

Whether this is your first time or you’re a repeat offender, a DUI conviction will become a part of your criminal record. A permanent stain on your record means that your possibilities in the future are compromised, as many important factors like housing, employment, and educational possibilities will all be negatively impacted.

Anything that requires a background check could be a problem for you if you don’t try to defend yourself. There’s also the possibility of losing your current job if it involves driving company vehicles as you could be seen as a risk for their profits. 

Increased Auto Insurance Rates

A DUI conviction will significantly increase your premiums for many years, which could compromise your financial stability and cause additional stress. The rate increase is based on a number of different factors, like local laws, your age, and your driving experience. 

Insurance companies are not particularly fond of drivers who are considered high-risk or repeat offenders. The possibility of completely losing your insurance coverage can quickly become a reality. A criminal defense lawyer can help you negotiate and avoid the worst-case scenario. 

Paying Damages

Drunk driving is an act of negligence, which means that if someone was injured as a result of your actions, they’re entitled to compensation. They could file a claim against you, which means that you’ll be forced to pay for all their expenses that were a direct result of the collision you caused. 

Your conviction can also be used as evidence, which means that the chances of having to compensate accident victims will be much higher. 

Consult with a DUI Lawyer in Chicago

Defending your case is necessary if you want to protect your future, your license, and your finances. With an experienced lawyer’s guidance, your charges could get dropped or dismissed. If this is not possible, we’ll look for ways to reduce your sentence and protect you from mandatory jail time. 

Our lawyers from Chicago Trusted Attorneys have a great amount of experience, and we’ll use it to prepare a strong defense. You can get started as soon as today, all you have to do is call our office at 312-519-3171 or complete the online contact form.