Chicago Marijuana Lawyer

Marijuana may be more accepted than other drugs, but it can still get you in serious trouble in Chicago. If you’ve been accused of a cannabis-related offense, reach out for help from a Chicago criminal defense attorney.

While marijuana may be legalized in many states, federal law and other state laws still limit or ban the use of marijuana. Unfortunately, that means you might have been arrested for an offense related to marijuana. Marijuana was legalized in Chicago in 2021, but Chicago saw 3,081 marijuana-related arrests that same year.

If you’re struggling to fight back after you’re accused of a crime involving weed, you may need a Chicago marijuana lawyer on your side. At Chicago Trusted Attorneys, we understand how devastating a conviction can be, so we’ll help you fight back to do what’s possible to get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Chicago Marijuana Lawyer

Illinois’ Cannabis Control Act

As state laws change to reflect the changing opinion on marijuana use, it’s important to revisit Illinois’ laws on weed, from its use to the penalties for use. Understanding the laws and how Illinois views this substance will help you address your Chicago drug case.

While Illinois’ laws on marijuana aren’t as strict as many other states, remember that marijuana is still illegal. While there are exceptions, namely the medicinal use of cannabis as prescribed by a doctor, pot is illegal in most situations.

Unfortunately, this means you could be facing misdemeanor or even felony charges for your case. These penalties can be harsh, leaving you struggling for years after your case. Because of this, you’ll need to fight back with a Chicago lawyer’s help.

Penalties for Marijuana Offenses

The penalties you’ll face for cannabis-related offenses will mainly depend on the type of marijuana-related offenses you’ve been charged with. These crimes range from misdemeanors to felonies, so you’ll need to understand your case before you begin.

If you’re facing a felony charge, you can expect prison time of at least one year if you choose not to fight back. Even if you’re facing a misdemeanor, though, you may struggle with some jail time if you’re convicted.

Keep in mind that the fines can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you don’t fight back, not only will you be in prison for some time, you’ll also face debt, especially once you’re released. As such, even what may seem like a less serious weed-related offense can have long-lasting effects on your life.

Long-Term Consequences after Conviction

Unfortunately, you might be suffering the consequences of a conviction long after the sentence has been decided. Whether you were charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, a conviction will go on your record, and it may not be possible to have your record expunged.

When potential employers and landlords see that you have a criminal record, they may refuse to give you a job or rent a home to you. That greatly limits your options for housing and work, possibly preventing you from working in your field at all. As such, it’s important to seek out a Chicago attorney to defend you during these difficult times.

Seeking the Best Defense

Once you understand your marijuana case and the consequences for not fighting back, you’ll need to prepare a strong defense with the right law firm behind you. Unfortunately, many people choose to represent themselves, thinking that they have no chance of getting their charges dropped or that they can’t afford a Chicago attorney.

Unfortunately, avoiding hiring an attorney can hurt you after the fact, since you’ll be facing high fines if your case isn’t dismissed. While you may not have much hope to get your case dismissed, you may have a chance to have your penalties reduced. A reduction can help you recover after your sentencing and face less severe consequences.

If you’re thinking about using a public defender, you may think you’ve found a happy medium. Public defenders won’t be costly, and you still have a lawyer on your side. However, these public defenders are often given many cases at once. Get the undivided attention and care your marijuana case deserves by hiring a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys.  We treat our clients like family and get results.

Contact an Attorney for Your Chicago Marijuana Case

Charges related to marijuana can be difficult to deal with. You could be facing different charges depending on the circumstances of your case, and that can be confusing and overwhelming when you’re inexperienced in criminal law.

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys, we understand how difficult it can be to defend yourself, which is why we’re here to help. We understand that you might be struggling with your marijuana case, so we offer consultations  to discuss your case and the likelihood of getting your case dismissed.

To begin, reach out to your Chicago marijuana lawyer today. Give us a call at 312-519-3171 or complete the following online form to get started.

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