Attorney Referrals

Premium Customer Service and Outstanding Results for Your Clients

For attorneys in the Cook, DuPage, Lake, Kane, Kankakee, and Will County areas, there’s no need to be concerned about whether the clients they refer to Chicago Trusted Attorneys® will be treated with the results-driven respect they deserve.

Whether a case involves traffic citations, misdemeanor or felony charges, or expungements or sealings, our fellow legal professionals can trust that every base will be covered in a client’s customer service experience when their case is referred to our firm.

Chicago Trusted Attorneys® is committed to the highest standards of communication, ethical practice, and mutual respect between our office and yours.

Here are just some of the highlights that make Chicago Trusted Attorneys® the firm you can trust with your referred cases:

  • Proven Numbers – We made over $300,000 in referral payments to colleagues we partnered with in 2021, and our stellar bookkeeping and CPA staff ensure timely and consistent monthly payments of your one-third referral fees as our office receives them.
  • High Conversion Rate – As soon as you send us a referral, our team will launch an established sales procedure. It begins with an immediate potential client call and follow-up communication and converts more referrals to clients with flexible pricing and stellar service.
  • Consistent Communication – When our fellow professionals send us referrals, commitment to communication is a top priority. You’ll know when we receive your referral, be notified immediately if our firm is retained, and have access to updates throughout each case.

Highest Quality of Service – Every aspect of each client’s journey is mapped and proven to ensure fantastic case results and customer satisfaction. Our office is staffed appropriately to thoroughly handle a large volume of clients in such a way that no one feels like a number.

The Benefits of Referring Cases to Chicago Trusted Attorneys®

Besides lightening your caseload, the lawyers of Chicago Trusted Attorneys® are proud to provide excellent financial incentives, as well as a level of service equal to what clients can expect. Here are a few of the benefits of referring cases to our experienced, uniquely qualified team of attorneys:

  • Passive Income – Though you’re never out of the loop, once you refer a case to us, your main job is to collect your referral payment. These are made by the fifth of each month as client payment plans are satisfied, and paid electronically on the platform of your choice.
  • Trustworthy Ethics and Integrity – Our client referral relationship and pricing practices strictly adhere to the Illinois Ethics Rules. Through our transparent file management portal system, you can access your client’s referral file at any time for current information.
  • Unmatched Experience and Passion – The attorneys of our firm are well known for their tenacious trial representation in the jurisdictions and courts where they practice, and their collective experience gives our team and our clients an edge in court that cannot be matched.
  • Meticulous, Modern Organization – Our firm is fully paperless, with diligently and securely maintained client contacts and files. Anticipating client needs and supporting families through these management systems protects the business and personal interests of everyone involved.

The lawyers and staff of Chicago Trusted Attorneys® have the experience, resources, and commitment to see your clients’ cases through with respect, communication, and results-oriented customer service. We look forward to lasting, fruitful relationships with our fellow legal professionals.

For any questions, please feel free to reach out directly to Kelly Halterman at 312-625-5358. To get started sending referrals to Chicago Trusted Attorneys®, simply submit the form below–we’ll be in touch right away regarding the status of our call to your prospective referral client.