About Paul M. Burnson

Paul Burnson Associate Attorney

Senior Attorney | Chicago Trusted Attorneys®

Paul is Senior Attorney at Chicago Trusted Attorneys® in the practice areas of DUI, expungements and sealings, and gun rights. His demonstrated legal experience and management of these legal issues have a far-reaching positive impact on our clients’ records and Constitutional rights. Paul is committed to providing all of our clients with the best representation available anywhere. To the benefit of our clients, he is a highly trained and experienced courtroom litigator and understands the nuances of probable cause hearings, bond hearings, and search and seizure Fourth Amendment legal issues.

His contributions to the Chicago Trusted Attorneys® team also relate to his focus on the newest advancements and legal trends found in case law, legal procedure, and amended rules to assure that our clients have every advantage in their case. Paul’s position as a senior attorney is key to our client-centered approach of working through the details of every case and collaborating with the entire team to develop the best strategic solutions for our clients.

Paul believes that once a case is over it should not be a barrier in our client’s life. He feels he can provide a true service to our community by helping to clear our clients’ records, which helps them obtain gainful employment, housing, loans, and other social programs. His work in DUI cases has seen numerous victories after trial as well as the preservation of our client’s driving privileges. A particular specialty of Paul’s is the area of gun rights and the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Appealing denials of our clients’ right to bear arms under the Constitution and their ability to carry a concealed weapon is a passion for him.

Over the years, Paul has assisted thousands of people with their traffic, DUI, expungement and sealing, gun rights, and criminal cases successfully and has become a specialist in protecting the legal rights of people like you. To speak with Paul, fill out the form below or call Chicago Trusted Attorneys® at 312-519-3171.