Chicago Probation Lawyer

If you’re concerned about getting a criminal sentence, seeking out probation may be right for you. Your Chicago attorney can help you understand your case and whether you have a chance to seek probation.

If you’re accused of a criminal offense, you may be most worried about your jail sentence. Being imprisoned leaves you unable to continue on with your normal life. Because jail time can affect you so heavily, you should choose to seek out a Chicago probation lawyer. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys, we understand how confusing probation can be. That’s why we’re ready to help guide you through your case and help you seek out probation when you need it. Often, the attorneys at Chicago Trusted Attorneys are able to secure for you a type of probation that will keep your record clean if you successfully complete it.

Probation vs. Parole

First, understanding what probation is and what it means for your case is important. If you’re confused about the details, it’s easy to make a mistake that may leave you with a felony record. 

Probation gives you the chance to possibly avoid jail time , or at least spend the majority of your sentence out of prison. While certain freedoms may be restricted, you’ll be able to avoid a jail sentence even if you’re convicted. These programs are meant to help avoid reoffending and to help you stay out of trouble. 

Many people confuse probation with parole. Parole, however, is an early release option for those who have already served part of their sentence at the department of corrections. They’ll also have some restrictions, but they’ll be released for good behavior in prison, not before they serve any time. 

Terms of Your Probation

Before you agree to your probation, it’s important to understand the rules for your probation. After all, while you’ll be free from jail, you’ll still have severe restrictions that can affect your life. Worse, if you fail to follow these rules, you could be arrested and sent to jail to serve out your sentence. 

For example, many people are banned from drinking alcohol while on probation. You may also be barred from places that sell alcohol. You may have to submit to regular testing for drug and alcohol use during your probation, as well as regular meetings with your probation officer and court hearings. 

Fortunately, your Chicago lawyer can review the terms and conditions of your probation and make sure you’re following all the rules. 

Contact a Chicago Attorney about Your Probation

When your future is on the line, you may be worried about what happens if you are convicted of a crime. You might need help determining what happens after a conviction and whether you can seek probation. Fortunately, an attorney from Chicago Trusted Attorneys can guide you and help answer your questions

The probation lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys will help argue your case in front of the judge. Your lawyer will also be there to help you argue for yourself. Our lawyers know who the judges and the prosecutors are and can do a fantastic job of convincing them to reinstate your probation. Speaking with a Chicago Trusted Attorney will give you peace of mind because we will walk you through your possible alternatives.

When you’re facing a possible conviction, you need a Chicago probation lawyer who can help you understand the terms of your probation and what you’ll need to know before you begin. Our attorneys understand how important your freedom is, so we’ll fight for your chance at probation. 

Before you head to court, speak to your lawyer about your options.. You’ll need to be prepared, and our attorneys can help you understand your probation terms and petition for them. When you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 312-519-3171 or complete the online form below.