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Dealing with drug charges and unsure how to fight back? Seek out a Chicago lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys who can help you look into getting your charges reduced or dismissed.

More people are concerned about drug use in America than ever, which means that police officers are often strict on these offenses. Unfortunately, if you’re arrested on drug charges in Chicago, it can be tough to overcome them.

To protect yourself and your future, you may need a Chicago drug lawyer on your side. Our lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys understand what needs to be done  to get drug charges dropped. We have the best lawyers who are committed to fighting back for you.

When you’ve been arrested and you’re concerned about the penalties for not fighting back, reach out for help. Our attorneys are ready to do whatever’s possible to turn your case into a successful result.

Drug Schedules Can Affect Your Case

When you’re dealing with drug charges, the penalties can change based on the drugs in question. More dangerous, addictive drugs, for example, usually mean higher penalties. Unfortunately, you may hear terms like “Schedule III drugs” but not understand how that applies to your case.

Put simply, the closer the schedule is to one, the more potent, addictive, and dangerous the drug is considered. Schedule I drugs are the most dangerous, being especially likely to be abused. The law says these drugs also have no current medical uses, making them especially dangerous. Heroin, mescaline, LSD, and even marijuana are classified as Schedule I, among others.

The least dangerous controlled substances are called Schedule V drugs, with their low potential for abuse and medical uses, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still cause harm. Even these less addictive controlled substances can hurt your future with serious penalties.

Penalties for Drug Crimes

When you’re facing charges involving controlled substances, it’s important to understand the penalties you could face. Many people ignore just how serious a drug-related offense is treated and instead just accept the consequences.

Your Chicago lawyer can help you understand just how serious even a misdemeanor conviction can be. If you’re facing these charges, then seek help before you face life-changing consequences.

Felony Charges

When you’re facing drug charges, there’s a chance that you could be facing a felony conviction in Chicago. Unfortunately, many people believe that they don’t have a chance to fight back, since it’s their word against that of a police officer’s. However, accepting the penalties can lead to long-term consequences that will be difficult to recover from.

For example, felony charges expose you to at least a year in prison. For Schedule I or II drugs, the amount of time you could spend in jail may be especially high. Some drug offenses are Class X felonies, which is the highest form of felony in Illinois. Offenses like manufacturing meth or possession of certain drugs with the intent to manufacture or deliver fall under this type of felony.

If charged with a Class X felony, you could be spending between six and thirty years in prison. If there are any aggravating circumstances, that time in jail could be extended.

After your prison sentence, you may not be free, either. Your fines, if charged with something as serious as a Class X felony, could be up to $25,000. Even if you’ve finished your sentence, then, you might still be struggling to overcome your financial penalties.

Misdemeanors Are Serious, Too

While a misdemeanor may not have the same consequences as a felony, the penalties can still be harsh. Even what sounds like a minor drug offense may not be easy for you to recover from.

For example, even the least-serious type of misdemeanor, a Class C misdemeanor, can leave you with fines of up to $1,500. That can affect you for some time, limiting how much you can afford basic amenities like housing, food, and electricity. Worse, you could have a jail sentence of up to thirty days, and probation after that.

If you don’t fight back, a month in jail could mean losing your job, digging you deeper into debt in addition to the fines. Because of these serious consequences, even a misdemeanor with lower penalties can leave you struggling to overcome your situation.

Consequences in Your Future

Unfortunately, the penalties don’t stop just because you are released from prison. You’ll still be affected by your sentence and your criminal record, both of which will affect your quality of life after your conviction.

For example, you might be looking for a new job after your release, but now you have a felony or misdemeanor on your record. Potential employers will see that, and many places don’t hire people with criminal records. That could limit you from working at all in the field you were trained in.

Housing may also be an issue for you. When you’re seeking an apartment or planning to rent a home, your criminal record may be visible to potential landlords as well. If they complete a background check on you, you may be denied, leaving you struggling to find adequate housing.

Defenses for Your Drug Case

Defending you from accusations of drug-related offenses will depend on the situation you were put in. Before you build your defense, we’ll review the facts of your case and find the best way to fight back.

For example, you might have been pulled over by the police, and your car was searched. In some cases, you might not have even been driving your own car, but a friend’s or family member’s. If you can show that you were likely unaware of the presence of drugs, your case may be dropped.

Alternatively, the police officers may be the ones who acted unlawfully. They may have unlawfully searched your vehicle or even your home without reason to believe that you were possessing, manufacturing, or selling drugs. In these cases, the officer may have acted unlawfully, possibly leading to a case dismissal.

Seeking the Right Lawyer

Before you head to court, you need to ensure that you have the right lawyer on your side. You may be considering alternate options, like representing yourself or speaking to a public defender, but unfortunately, this may not give your case the support it needs.

For example, representing yourself limits your options for evidence and a strong defense. You may not have the experience or resources needed to defend your case alone. There’s also a chance that advice offered on the internet could harm you, not help you.

While a public defender may be a better option, they may not be the best option for your case. These defenders are trained as attorneys, but they may take on multiple clients, leaving you without the attention and care your case should receive. As such, it’s best to seek out a Chicago lawyer who can give you the attention you deserve.

Contact a Drug Lawyer for Your Chicago Case

When you’re facing serious drug charges, you’ll need to focus on protecting yourself from the consequences of a conviction. If you’re found guilty, you could be facing years of prison time, debt, and other life-changing penalties.

Fortunately, you don’t have to fight back alone. At Chicago Trusted Attorneys, we understand how difficult it can be to recover from accusations of drug possession, sale, trafficking, or manufacturing. That’s why we’re committed to helping you fight back.

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