Illinois Marijuana Expungement

If you’ve already been convicted for possession of cannabis, you might have faced a lot of trials and struggles because of your criminal record. However, for many Illinois residents, that may be changing soon. 

People seeking an Illinois marijuana expungement for their case may have new options, starting in 2020. If you’ve been convicted of a cannabis-related offense in Illinois, seek out a Chicago expungement lawyer, like our lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, for help clearing your record. 

A recent bill in Illinois may give you a second chance and help you avoid further penalties, so reach out for help and more information when you’re struggling to recover from a weed-related conviction. 

The Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act

Recently, Governor J. B. Pritzker signed a bill called the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act. This act would legalize marijuana for both medical and recreational use. This regulates the sale and use of these substances, but the act doesn’t stop there. 

Now, those who have previously been convicted have chances to recover from their criminal record. In many states, convicted people still have criminal records for offenses that are now legal. In Illinois, you have the chance to get your record expunged, avoiding many of the ongoing consequences of a criminal record. 

This act also sets up programs for those convicted before the laws changed. Now, you have a chance to even get help receiving a business license, for example. That gives you more opportunities to recover after a drug-related conviction. 

Getting Your Weed-Related Conviction Expunged in Illinois

For those charged with having less than thirty grams of marijuana in their possession, recovery may be simple. The bill allows for the automatic expungement of these records, meaning that your name and information will be wiped from these indices. 

For those convicted of having less than five hundred grams but more than thirty grams of marijuana, getting your case expunged may require a Chicago expungement lawyer’s help. These cases aren’t automatically wiped away, but they can be petitioned and potentially removed from your record. 

If you’re eligible for expungement, you and your Chicago drug lawyer will need to complete a petition in Illinois for your expungement. This petition will be reviewed, and the state’s attorney will either order the expungement of your case or they’ll object to it. If they object, you may be entitled to a hearing, so make sure you seek out a Chicago attorney who can help work your case for you. 

Expunge a Conviction with a Chicago Marijuana Attorney’s Help

Facing the aftermath of a marijuana conviction is tough, which you might know from experience. That conviction can impact you for years after the case, leaving you to struggle with the effects of your criminal record. New laws on Illinois marijuana expungement can make that easier, though. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we know how important a clean record is. That’s why we offer help to those seeking expungement of their criminal records. If you have questions about what this new bill means for you, the right attorney can help you recover when you’re struggling with your marijuana case. 

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