About Isioma Ebiringah

Isioma Ebiringah

The pursuit of the American dream brought Isioma Ebiringah’s family from Nigeria to the United States. Through hard work and dedication, Isioma completed his Bachelor of Arts in political science while receiving a minor in history at Northern Illinois University.

Isioma is a proud graduate of Northern Illinois University – College of Law. In law school, he focused his efforts on gaining the legal skills and knowledge that would allow him to become a successful attorney. He clerked as a 711 for the DuPage County Public Defender’s Office while working for a three-attorney firm, the City of Naperville’s Legal Department, and serving as the student employee for the Law College’s Office of Alumni Events and Public Relations.

These countless hours of work and file review helped Isioma develop the experience and critical-thinking skills necessary to be an effective legal advocate.

After law school, he was granted the opportunity to work for and with an extremely experienced and talented litigator named David M. Smith. As an attorney at David M. Smith Attorney at Law P.C.—now Chicago Trusted Attorneys—Isioma has hit the ground running.

The firm fights daily for the rights of people from all walks of life who find themselves in a legal system they do not fully understand. The firm seeks to return hope to those who have lost it, provide opportunity where it seems impossible to grasp, and defend the rights granted to each individual under the United States and Illinois constitutions.

Through dealing with countless complex legal issues alongside his colleagues at Chicago Trusted Attorneys, Isioma has developed legal skills that allow him to provide zealous advocacy for every individual who is in need of unyielding and vigorous representation.

To speak with Isioma or another attorney at Chicago Trusted Attorneys, call 312-931-5411 or fill out the online contact form at the bottom of this page.

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