Chicago Felony Lawyer

A felony conviction can hurt your future, leaving you in jail and in debt for years after your case. Fight back by seeking out an experienced Chicago attorney from Chicago Trusted Attorneys to help you work to get your felony charges reduced or dropped.

Facing criminal charges can be a stressful, scary time. Your future is on the line, and a prison sentence can leave you struggling to recover even after your release. Avoiding a felony charge is often the best option for you, but getting your charges dropped isn’t always easy. 

That’s where a Chicago felony lawyer comes in. We understand that you’re struggling with your claim, and we’re here to help you fight back. Reach out for help from Chicago Trusted Attorneys to prepare for your case and do what’s possible to get your charges reduced or dropped. 

Penalties for a Felony

When you’re charged with a felony, it’s important to first understand the penalties you’re facing. A felony may already sound serious, but it’s also important to understand the stakes if you choose not to fight back. 

For a felony in Chicago, you may be facing thousands of dollars in fines for your case. These fines make it more difficult to recover even after you’re released from jail. Coupled with the fact that many convicted felons struggle to find employment, you might have problems recovering financially for some time after a conviction. 

The prison sentence itself may vary depending on the type of offense and whether you received the maximum sentence possible for your case. Remember, though, that a felony conviction can leave you in prison for more than a year after your sentencing.  

Defenses for Felony Charges

These charges are serious, which means you’ll need to fight back to get your charges reduced or dropped. Unfortunately, that’s easy to say but may be difficult to do. Fortunately, your Chicago lawyer can help you defend yourself

Your lawyer will first listen to the details of your case and your side of the story. We need to know what happened so we can decide how to fight back. 

For example, if you’re being tried for drug charges, you might have had your car searched for drugs during a routine stop. In these cases, your marijuana defense lawyer may fight back by showing that the officer didn’t have probable cause, in that they had no reason to believe you were doing anything illegal. The best defense for your case, then, will depend on the details of your case. 

Contact a Lawyer about Felonies in Chicago 

When you’re facing serious penalties for a felony, it can be tough to prepare a defense. You don’t know the laws well and you’re trying to protect your future, which can be overwhelming. Dealing with a criminal trial alone can be stressful, so don’t face yours without help. 

Instead, contact our lawyers for the help you need. At Chicago Trusted Attorneys, we understand how difficult it can be to overcome felony charges, so we’ll help you prepare for your case. We want to see your charges dropped to a misdemeanor or dropped entirely, and we’ll fight to try to make that happen. 

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