Illinois Controlled Substance Laws

Controlled substance abuse is a major concern for people in America today. Abuse and addiction harm many families, and a drug-related conviction can have serious penalties. 

Unfortunately, you may be concerned for your own sake about Illinois controlled substance laws. You’ve been accused of possession, sale, or trafficking, all of which have major consequences. You’ll need help from a criminal defense attorney to recover. 

Fortunately, at Chicago Trusted Attorneys, we understand how serious these drug laws are and how they can affect your future. Reach out for help if you’re struggling with these Illinois laws and need guidance. 

Possession vs. Intent to Sell 

If you’ve been accused of an offense involving controlled substances, your Illinois lawyer will need to know the details of your case. This can help you understand the possible penalties and your best defense. For example, the difference between possession and sale greatly affects the penalties if convicted and how we fight the case in general.

Typically, possession alone won’t be punished as harshly. While those drugs are still harmful to you, they aren’t as dangerous to the community as a whole. 

However, if you’re suspected of manufacturing or intending to sell, the penalties can be much harsher. Large amounts of drugs may even lead to drug trafficking charges, which are more serious and may become a federal-level case. 

The Amount and Type of Drug Matters

When you’re accused of possession of controlled substances, the penalties you’ll face will depend on the details. Certain drugs may come with higher penalties, and more dangerous drugs may increase the difficulty level of fighting your case. 

For example, marijuana is treated with less severity than some other drugs as more states legalize it across the U.S. While weed is still illegal in Illinois apart from medical uses, being accused of possessing fifteen grams of cannabis is a Class A misdemeanor, which could mean up to a year in jail. In contrast, the same amount of heroin is a Class 1 drug felony in Illinois, which could mean four to fifteen years in prison. 

Because the severity of your case can vary, you’ll need to contact an experienced drug defense attorney from Chicago Trusted Attorneys. We can help you determine what penalties you could face for a controlled substance conviction, as well as ways to help you and your family get back to normal after being charged. 

Contact an Illinois Controlled Substance Attorney

If you’ve been arrested for criminal offenses involving drugs, you’ll need to act now to protect your future. Illinois controlled substance laws can be harsh, which means you could be left facing serious penalties if you don’t fight back. 

Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to defend your future with help from the right attorneys. At Chicago Trusted Attorneys, we want you to understand the Illinois drug laws affecting your case so you understand what’s at stake. Fortunately, our attorneys can help you understand and recover from your case. 

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