CDL License Suspension in Illinois

If you’re a commercial truck driver, your CDL license is important to your financial well-being. Without it, you’re unable to do the job you’re trained for, which makes it tough to take care of your family and loved ones. Unfortunately, you may be worried about getting a CDL license suspension in Illinois.

Make sure you understand why your license is in trouble, as well as what you can do about it, with a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. We have years of experience handling CDL license suspensions, and we can provide the legal support you need.

Reasons for a License Suspension

A commercial driver will face higher penalties for a mistake on the road than a typical driver. Instead of the traffic points a typical private driver faces, your license may be in danger because of the number of serious traffic ticket convictions on your record

A serious traffic violation include many things that could endanger other drivers, such as the following: 

If you’re convicted of two of these violations within three years, you could lose your CDL license for some time. Certain major violations, such as driving a commercial vehicle while intoxicated, could lead to more serious penalties and even a lifetime license revocation. 

Protecting Your CDL License

When you’re accused of a serious violation, it’s important to fight back now to avoid a CDL license suspension. If you’re an Illinois driver, that may mean talking to a CDL license lawyer today, before you plead guilty or not guilty, and certainly before you go to court. 

Your lawyer can help you gather evidence to defend you from a traffic violation conviction. With the right evidence, you have a chance to defend yourself and avoid conviction. That could allow you to keep your license and, in turn, your employment.

Talk to your lawyer about the evidence you need for your CDL license case. That evidence could include photos, videos, or even eyewitness testimony for your case.

Connect with a Lawyer to Fight an Illinois CDL License Suspension

Traffic violations committed in a commercial vehicle are taken much seriously because it’s your job to be on the road and be cautious and aware. If you’ve been accused of a traffic violation, though, you may have few chances to keep your license. 

If you’re at risk of a CDL license suspension in Illinois, your attorney at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ may be your best chance to avoid a conviction and protect your license. If you have questions about your case, you can even get started by discussing your case with a lawyer, who can talk to your about your options for avoiding a conviction. 

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