Penalties for Driving on a Suspended License in Illinois

You might have recently lost your drivers license, only to later be pulled over. Your license was suspended, and now, you’ve been arrested

You could be facing serious penalties for driving on a suspended license in Illinois, leaving you struggling for some time if you’re convicted. Fortunately, you have options with the help of a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. If you’re concerned about avoiding these penalties, reach out for help before you face these difficult losses. 

Prison Time

A conviction for driving on a suspended license is serious in Illinois. You could be facing misdemeanor charges, which in this case means up to one year in jail. The length of your stay will depend on the severity of your charges and whether there are other factors, like a child in the car or a collision. For example, a felony conviction could mean a year or more in prison.

The penalties for a prison sentence don’t end when you’re released, though. You may end up being out of the workforce and away from the wheel for some time. After a prison sentence, it can be difficult to get your license back, get a new job, and return to the life you once had. 

Community Service

Often, convictions connected with driving on a suspended license come with community service. The judge will decide the number of days, but a conviction could mean a month or more of community service. 

In some cases, though, you may have options. You may be offered the chance to take community service rather than a prison sentence. However, that is still time away from your family, your job, and your interests. Because of that, it’s best to talk to your lawyer about defending yourself, even if you may not be at risk of a prison sentence. 

Loss of Vehicle

One of the costlier losses could be your vehicle. To prevent you from driving, the court may order your license plates removed. Worse, your car may be immobilized by the court until a decided point. 

That can be tough on more people than just yourself. You might be the owner of the vehicle, but you might not be the only one who uses it. Your family could be just as affected by the loss of the use of the vehicle as you are. 

Seek to Avoid Penalties with an Illinois Suspended License Lawyer

The penalties for driving on a suspended license in Illinois are a serious matter, and they can affect you in more ways than you might expect. Unfortunately, they can be tough to avoid. 

That’s why you may need to seek out an attorney from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. We want to help you defend yourself from these penalties and avoid a conviction that can hurt your future. Take advantage of our free consultation, and we can discuss your Illinois case before you choose to work with us. 

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