August 20, 2022

From Out of State and Arrested for a Gun Charge in Illinois

In Illinois, those who possess a firearm must hold a valid Firearms Owners Identification card (FOIC). This is a process that has to be gone through, including a safety course that those who own them go through. If you’re not from Illinois, and you bring your firearm, you may face harsh legal penalties.

A gun charge is a serious offense, so make sure that you have proper counsel if you’re arrested and charged with a weapons charge. Here’s what you need to know if you’re caught with an out-of-state gun.

Having an Out-of-State Carry Permit

Even if you’re completely legal to own and carry a gun in another state because you have a valid permit, that permit doesn’t transfer to some states. Illinois does not recognize out-of-state permits as being valid permits for their state, and you may be arrested if you’re carrying a gun without the right state permit.

If you’re a resident of another state with a valid permit, you could be charged with a weapons offense if you decide to take that firearm with you into the state of Illinois. The state does recognize and issue non-resident permits.

However, these are not available to everyone. They’re only available to residents of states that have gun permit regulations that are similar to those of Illinois. These states include Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia.

Arrested for Weapons Charges in Illinois

If you’re found with a weapon and no legal Illinois permit, you may face criminal charges. There are certain guidelines that these charges come about depending on the circumstances.

If you’re found to have no FOID/CCL card and the gun you’re carrying is loaded, you can be charged with up to three years in prison. This is given even if you have no prior convictions. If you have no FOID/CCL card and the gun is unloaded, expect to get probation or up to three years in prison.

If you already have a felony background and are found to have a weapon, you can get between three to seven years in prison if you’re convicted.

Carrying a non-resident card can make a big difference, and it can even help you avoid a gun charge conviction. If you reside in one of the states above, apply for a FOID as soon as you can. This way, it will protect you against any issues should you carry a weapon in the state.

Get Help From a Gun Charge Lawyer When You’re Arrested

It’s not always possible to get the right permits before you’re arrested, and you may already be preparing for court. In times like these, you need the right law office on your side to help you reduce or dismiss the charges.

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys®, we’re ready to evaluate your case and help you get the necessary counsel you need. When it comes to gun laws in the state, you want to protect yourself and know what to expect when bringing a weapon there.

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