Gun Laws in Illinois

For many people, guns are a part of their lives. Whether you’re a hunter or a hobbyist, you might be a responsible gun owner with a few firearms. However, you might find yourself in trouble with the law over your weapon. Gun laws in Illinois take into account that guns are deadly weapons, which means there are restrictions you might now be facing. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we understand your worries about bringing a gun to the wrong place, or worse, getting in legal trouble over your firearm. Luckily, your attorney can make sure you understand the laws surrounding your property and how to avoid major penalties for them. 

Illegal Carry in Illinois

In some places, it’s illegal to have a gun. If you bring your gun into these locations, even if you have a concealed carry permit, you could be in serious trouble. You could be arrested on the spot, and a conviction could affect your future. 

Below is a list of some of the places where you cannot bring a gun in Illinois: 

  • School campuses 
  • Government buildings
  • Detention centers and jails
  • Public transportation, like buses and trains
  • Playgrounds

Penalties for Breaking Gun Laws

If you’re convicted of a gun-related crime, your sentence will depend on the severity of the charges. For example, being charged with illegally carrying a gun onto a train may not be as severely punished as gun violence charges. 

However, the penalty types will remain. For example, you’ll be paying fines in both cases, some of which may total thousands of dollars. You’ll also face jail time—or even prison, if you’re charged with a felony. You may also lose your gun permit if you’re convicted of a gun crime. While you may be able to reapply in some cases, you may have your privileges to own a gun revoked completely.

However, you don’t have to accept these costs and that conviction. Instead of accepting, protect your future by contacting an Illinois gun lawyer. They can review your case and help you build a defense that may be able to get your charges reduced or even dismissed completely. 

Contact an Illinois Gun Law Attorney

If you’ve been accused of breaking the law, you might be concerned about your legal options after a gun-related offense. Fortunately, your lawyer can represent you in court, helping you get your charges reduced or dismissed completely in some cases. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we understand that responsible gun ownership is important, which is why we’re focused on helping gun owners like you defend their permits and keep their criminal records clean. That way, when you partner with us, you can focus on your family and other concerns, not on your trial. 

When you’re ready to get the best defense possible, reach out to your lawyer about gun laws in Illinois by calling 312-519-3171 or by completing the online form below.