November 03, 2022

Why You Want a Lawyer for a Speeding Ticket

When you’re given a speeding ticket, you may consider simply paying for your ticket without a lawyer, but that may be a mistake. Accepting the charges may lead to issues and long-term consequences. 

If you’re facing a speeding ticket, you may need a lawyer’s help to reduce or dismiss these penalties. Here’s what you need to know before you choose how to handle your speeding ticket

Points on Your License 

If there are going to be points added to your license, this can impact your ability to drive and the insurance rates that you get. You may not be able to maintain your driver’s license if there are numerous points being added

Forty-five points can result in a 3-month license suspension. With a speeding ticket, you may receive anything from five to fifty-five points added to your license. The more points put on your license, the longer the suspension times.

The number of points on your license can also increase your auto insurance rates. Fighting the ticket rather than paying with help from an attorney can help you reduce the number of points placed on the license. 

The Attorney Has More Experience

An attorney has more leeway and influence in traffic court than you may have if you’re fighting it alone. You want the attorney to make your case in front of the judge. Since they hear so many cases on a daily basis, they may be more inclined to listen to a lawyer than a person representing themselves. 

You have a better chance of being taken seriously when you have a lawyer. There is always a way to defend a traffic case in court. Claiming that you didn’t realize how fast you actually were going or did not know there was a stop sign may not persuade a judge, and your lawyer knows this. Your lawyer has the experience you need to determine your best options for a defense.

The traffic attorney you seek out knows their way around a courtroom and can argue your case and actually get the judge to listen. This is because of their years of experience in this area. The usual excuses may not make the judge pay attention, you need experience in this area.

Let the Attorney Negotiate for You

There may be some negotiation involved with a serious driving offense. You may be able to negotiate the penalties that come with the ticket with help from a lawyer. The attorney can do this for you because they understand and know the system and laws. 

They may even be able to come up with a deal that reduces your penalties. When the consequences are more than minor, you want to bring on an experienced lawyer to help. Otherwise, you may find that your finances and future could be facing some risks.  

Reaching Out to a Lawyer Regarding Your Speeding Ticket

If you’ve been found to be speeding in Chicago, don’t leave it up to chance. Speak with knowledgeable, experienced attorneys that can help you negotiate better terms. 

Contact the Chicago Trusted Attorneys® to learn more. We can set up a time to talk with you about what to expect and what we can do based on your specific situation. You can fight this, and you should. Call us today at 312-519-3171 or complete the online contact form below.