October 17, 2019

Courthouses in the Chicago Area

If you’ve been summoned to court, it’s important to know where you’re going. Failure to appear in the right courthouse could land you in serious trouble. The problem is, there are plenty of courthouses in the Chicago area to choose from. 

If you’re heading to court soon, talk to your defense lawyer about your case. They can help you find the right courthouse and to face your case while there.

Bridgeview, Illinois, Courthouse

Bridgeview Courthouse covers the legal disputes within much of southwestern Cook County. This court oversees hearings for civil claims, marriages, misdemeanor hearings, and some preliminary felony hearings. 

Cook County Criminal Court

This courthouse hears felony trials for Cook County. If you’re a Chicago resident, or a resident of a nearby town, you may need to appear in this court if you’re on trial for a felony

Cook County Criminal Court in Chicago, IL

Chicago’s Cook County Criminal Court, also called George N. Leighton Criminal Courthouse, oversees serious criminal cases that happen in Chicago and Cook County at large. That includes cases like armed robbery, murder, and criminal sexual assault. Keep in mind that certain cases on sexual assault and domestic violence may be seen in a different courthouse, so check with your Chicago defense attorney before making the drive. 

Daley Center Courthouse

The Richard J. Daley Center is the Circuit Court of Cook County. This court can hear most trials and decide most cases brought forward. If you’re not sure your case will be seen here, talk to your Chicago area trial lawyer about your case. 

Domestic Violence Court in Chicago

The Domestic Violence Courthouse oversees many domestic violence cases in Chicago, and it’s built with victims in mind. There are victims-only elevators available, as well as secured waiting rooms and childcare areas. You may even request a tour of the courthouse before your trial.

DuPage County Courthouse

This courthouse oversees the claims and cases brought forward in DuPage County. That includes small claims, adoption information, traffic court, and expungement options.

Maywood, IL, Courthouse

The Maywood Courthouse is also the Fourth Municipal District Court in Illinois. This courthouse oversees many case types, from civil lawsuits and small claims to marriage and civil union court. This courthouse may also oversee misdemeanor trials and felony preliminary hearings. Felony cases are typically handled in other courts. 

Rolling Meadows Courthouse

Rolling Meadows Courthouse is the Third Municipal District Court in Illinois. This court handles many of the civil lawsuits and family law cases in the northwestern towns of Cook County. Keep in mind that this court does not handle probate cases. 

Skokie Courthouse

The Skokie Courthouse covers cases in the Second Municipal District in Illinois. This court sees many criminal and traffic cases. While most felony hearings are handled by other courts, this courthouse does see most misdemeanors and petty crimes, as well as probation hearings, domestic violence hearings, and bond court. 

Contact a Chicago Defense Attorney before Heading to Court

If you’re dealing with a legal dispute, make sure you know what courthouse you’re heading to by talking to your attorney. A Chicago trial lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ can make sure you end up in the right place on the right date, with all the evidence you need to make a case for reducing or dismissing your charges. 

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