November 13, 2019

What to Do When Your Teen Is Charged with a DUI in Illinois

As parents, we like to know that our children aren’t just safe—we also like to know that they’re not doing anything that could harm others. Unfortunately, you might have let your child out with friends, only to get a call later that they’ve been arrested for drinking and driving. 

Many people don’t know what to do when their teen is charged with a DUI in Illinois. This can be a scary time for you and your child. Fortunately, your lawyer can help. 

Legal Limits for Teen Drivers

If your child is underage, they may be facing strict DUI laws, and the results could haunt them for months or years after the case. Illinois is a zero-tolerance state, which means that if your teen has any measurable amount of alcohol in their system, they could be arrested and charged with a DUI

Worse, they may have tried to refuse a sobriety test, which resulted in an automated suspension. Implied consent laws state that if you have a drivers license, you consent to a sobriety test, which could mean your child is in trouble. Their Illinois license may be suspended for up to six months if they refuse a sobriety test. 

Penalties for Underage DUI 

The penalties can be harsh, too, if your child is under twenty-one and convicted of a DUI. For a first DUI conviction, their license could be revoked for a minimum of two years

A revocation is more serious than a suspension, too. A suspension would mean getting their license back at the end of the suspension after paying a fee. If your teen’s license is revoked, they will have to retake their driving test after the minimum time period is up.

Helping Your Teen Avoid a DUI Conviction 

Protecting your child’s future is important, which is why you and an Illinois DUI lawyer may be needed as soon as your child is arrested. Your lawyer can explain how to post your child’s bail, and from there, they can prepare a defense for you and your child in the courtroom. 

For example, your teenager might not have been driving the car, or they may have a health condition, like diabetes, which has some similarities to drunkenness. For example, type 1 diabetics having a blood sugar problem may have slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and even breath that smells like alcohol. 

Once you have a defense, your attorney can take your child’s case to court. Your lawyer should fight for your family, helping your teen get their charges reduced or dismissed when possible. 

Contact an Illinois DUI Lawyer for Your Teen

If your child has been pulled over and arrested for drunk driving, it can be tough to help your teenager through this difficult time. Fortunately, your attorney will know what to do when your teen is charged with a DUI in Illinois. 

If you’re concerned about your child’s future, reach out for help from the attorneys at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. An underage DUI conviction can come with harsh penalties, so reach out and help your child get the right lawyer. To learn more about our services, call 312-519-3171 or complete the online form below.