December 08, 2020

Penalties for a Speeding Ticket Conviction

When you’re pulled over for speeding, you may be thinking only about the fine for speeding. That may not seem like a severe penalty, right? But you may not expect hidden penalties for a speeding ticket conviction until later.

If you’re concerned about your future, talk to a traffic ticket lawyer about the penalties you could face if you plead guilty for a speeding ticket. Your lawyer can help you understand the penalties, address the ticket, and possibly even get those charges dropped.

Points on Your License

When you plead guilty to a traffic violation, you may not face immediate penalties besides your fines. But each traffic violation adds points to your license. These points can add up over time, and they may have serious penalties for your license. That includes a license suspension if you rack up too many points too quickly.

If this isn’t the first time you’ve been pulled over for speeding or other traffic violations in recent months, you may need to speak with a ticket lawyer about your case. They can help you plead not guilty to a traffic ticket and potentially avoid these penalties.

Insurance Penalties

When you plead guilty to a speeding ticket, your insurance company will take note of that conviction. Your insurance premiums can be impacted by your tickets, leading to higher insurance costs and more expenses for you to pay. If you accept a speeding ticket conviction, your insurance company may see you as more likely to cause a car accident, which costs the company money and makes you seem like a greater risk.

Worse, you can even lose your insurance policy for some traffic violations. That could leave you hunting for a comparable insurance policy without paying even higher premiums for your coverage. Fighting the speeding ticket charges in court can help you avoid these situations.

License Suspension

In some cases, your license can be in danger of a suspension, even if this is the first time you’ve been ticketed for speeding. For example, you may have been ticketed for speeding in a work zone. If you fail to fight these charges, you may lose your license and face high fines for the conviction.

Getting stuck without a license can be a financial burden for you and your family. You’re required to maintain your car insurance, but you can’t use your car without a license. That leaves you with the regular costs of upkeep and maintenance, plus the costs of public transportation, rideshares, or carpooling. That puts unnecessary stress on you and your loved ones.

Fight Your Speeding Ticket with a Lawyer

If you’ve been issued a speeding ticket, the penalties for a conviction can be harsh. You may spend years dealing with the unforeseen penalties of your ticket. That’s why you should act now to try to get your speeding ticket dismissed.

Luckily, the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ are here to help. If you’ve been issued a speeding ticket, talk to your lawyer about avoiding the harsh penalties that may come with a conviction. Call 312-519-3171 or complete the online contact form for more information.