Waukegan Marijuana Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of marijuana-related criminal offenses, you may have an opportunity to defend your case. Reach out for a lawyer’s guidance toward a reduction or dismissal of your charges. 

If you’ve been accused of a weed-related criminal offense, the consequences may be severe. While many states have legalized recreational cannabis, in Illinois, only medical marijuana is currently legal, and you could still face penalties that affect your future following a conviction. You may not even be sure what defenses are available to you while preparing for your Waukegan case. 

Instead of accepting the potential penalties of a conviction, reach out for an attorney at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. Your Waukegan marijuana lawyer can help you prepare for your trial and gather evidence for your defense so you can focus on your normal life, not just on your case. 

Penalties for Weed-Related Offenses in Illinois

While opinions and penalties for marijuana are changing across the country, possession, sale, and trafficking of recreational marijuana is still illegal in Illinois. 

The penalties vary, but that typically means you’ll receive fines, jail or prison time, and a criminal record that could impact your future. The details will depend on your case. 

For example, you may have been charged with possession of less than one hundred grams of marijuana. This is a misdemeanor in Illinois, which means you could spend time in jail and be facing significant fines. Because of these kinds of penalties, you may need to speak to your Waukegan marijuana attorney for help with your case. 

Defenses for Your Waukegan Marijuana Case

If you’re charged with possession of marijuana, finding the right defense is vital. A conviction could affect your future, so your Waukegan weed attorney will focus on finding the right defense for your case. 

In some cases, your defense may focus on the marijuana simply not being yours. Maybe you were staying at a friend’s house or you were borrowing a relative’s car. There was a warrant out, and you happened to be the one present when they found the weed. You may argue that you didn’t know about the marijuana because the owner didn’t warn you. 

The police’s actions could also lead to a dismissal. Officers are expected to take appropriate steps to protect your rights. One of those rights protects you against illegal search and seizure

Let’s say you were pulled over in a routine traffic stop, but the officer found marijuana in the trunk of your car after forcing it open. They may have found felony amounts of weed, but that evidence may not be usable in court in some cases if they violated your rights. 

Call a Waukegan Cannabis Defense Attorney

Drug-related criminal convictions could hurt you in long-term ways that you may not anticipate. It’s important to be prepared for your Waukegan criminal trial, but choosing the right defense without legal experience can feel almost impossible. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we understand how dire your situation is and how your trial could affect your life. That’s why having a marijuana attorney in Waukegan on your side can help you. Your attorney can help you understand the consequences of a conviction, defend you in court, and help you overcome the prosecution’s case. 

If you’re worried about your future, get a Waukegan marijuana lawyer on your side. Call 312-519-3171 or complete the online form below to get started with yours.