Waukegan Criminal Defense Lawyer

Accused of a criminal offense? Speak to your criminal defense attorney in Waukegan before you’re convicted.

Dealing with any kind of accusation can be difficult, embarrassing, or upsetting. A criminal accusation, however, can be damaging to your life and your record. You might be worried about fighting these accusations, and you might also be worried about whether you need a lawyer.

Fortunately, your Waukegan criminal defense lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ may be able to help. We understand the details you’ll need for your criminal defense case. We also understand how confusing and complex your accusations can be, so we’re focused on helping our clients understand their cases and take action. 

Common Penalties for Criminal Convictions

When you’re accused of a crime, whether it’s drug-related, drunk driving–related, or something else, it’s important to understand what could happen if you’re convicted in Waukegan. You might know that jail or prison time is often a penalty, ranging from just thirty days in some cases to a lifetime in prison. However, the penalties don’t stop there. 

You could also be facing fines. These fines could be a few hundred dollars, or you might be paying thousands of dollars in fines. That doesn’t include the long-term financial damage a jail or prison stint can do. You’re not able to work a job, after all, leaving you without income for months or even years. 

Worse, you’re not done with your case just because you finished your sentence. You could have a criminal record for years after the incident, and expungement may not be available for you. That means you could face the social consequences, too, like Waukegan employers or landlords who may not approve people with criminal records. 

How a Waukegan Lawyer Can Help

A criminal offense is a serious matter, but it can be tempting to handle your case alone. You might be thinking that you have a solid defense or that there’s no point in fighting back. However, failing to have a Waukegan lawyer on your team can hurt your chances at a dismissal. 

Having experience on your side can make a huge difference. You need someone who can guide your case and ensure your defense is strong. If not, it’s easy to be blindsided by a piece of evidence you missed, for example, which could lead to a conviction. That conviction could haunt you for years after the case. 

Seek Out a Criminal Defense Attorney in Waukegan

If you’re a Waukegan resident and you’ve been accused of a crime, acting now is important to defending your case. Understanding what the future might hold and what defenses you might use can take time, and you may need to move fast. 

Fortunately, the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ are ready to act now. We understand how much a criminal case can affect your future, which is why we’re focused on helping you. 

If you’re struggling with your case, a Waukegan criminal defense lawyer may be the help you need to dispute your charges. We can help you address your case and defend your future instead of accepting the penalties. Get started with a consultation with your lawyer by calling 312-519-3171 or by filling out the contact form below.