Waukegan Drug Lawyer

A drug-related conviction can impact your life for years after the trial. That’s why it’s important to talk to your Waukegan lawyer about your drug charges and do what you can to defend yourself against the penalties.

When you’re accused of drug-related crimes, it can hurt your future financially, professionally, and personally. You could suffer for years in the wake of these drug charges if you’re convicted in Waukegan. 

You’re facing a prosecutor with experience and authority, which is why you may need a Waukegan drug lawyer on your criminal defense team. Our lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ understand how tough it can be to defend yourself against drug charges, so we’re ready to help you seek a dismissal whenever possible. 

Penalties for a Drug Conviction in Waukegan

If you’re charged with a drug-related offense, your drug lawyer may start with the penalties for your Waukegan case. It’s important to understand what could happen if you’re convicted of controlled substance charges. 

Your main concern may be jail or prison time. The sentence limits of your case will depend on whether you’re facing misdemeanor charges or whether you could be convicted of a felony. Some charges might not net any jail time, while others could leave you with maximum prison time, not to mention thousands of dollars in fines. 

The penalties don’t stop there. You might have already served years in prison, but after that, you have a criminal record. That record can affect your future, since your conviction will show up in your background checks. That’s especially serious if you’re seeking housing or a job. 

Why You May Need a Waukegan Lawyer

Defending yourself in court may be the only way to prevent a drug conviction, but you might be considering not hiring a drug attorney. Instead, you may be thinking that you have a strong defense yourself, or that a public defender in Waukegan can help with your case. 

While a public defender does have more experience and resources than you would have alone, they may also be busier than you might expect. These defenders must take on many cases, which means that a busy defender may not have the time needed to devote to your case. 

That’s why it can help to have a Waukegan lawyer on your drug case. They can review your case, give you the personal attention your case needs, and help you defend your case in the Waukegan courtroom. 

Connect with a Waukegan Drug Attorney

If you’ve been accused of a drug-related crime, a conviction is a serious matter. Your future could be affected, leaving you struggling with your case for months or years beyond paying your fines and being released from jail. 

However, you may have a chance to avoid all those penalties. Your lawyer at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ understands that drug charges are a serious problem, and we understand that your future will be impacted by the outcome of your case. 

That’s why we offer help to our clients who need to build the right defense and fight back. If you’re struggling with your controlled substance case, your Waukegan drug lawyer is ready to help. To get started, reach out by calling 312-519-3171 or by completing the online form below.