September 16, 2021

Do I Need a Lawyer to Get Off Probation Early?

If you are looking to get off probation early and want to file in court to petition for early termination, you might want to consider partnering with a lawyer. They often make the paperwork much easier, and the process can happen much faster when you have a lawyer on your side. In some states, a lawyer is also required to file formal requests for probation. 

Steps for Getting Off Probation Early 

Being on probation can often feel like you are trapped or not able to do all the things with your life that you want to. Many people find that they can petition to get off probation early so they can begin to have all their freedom back. 

Many people find that they are able to get off probation early if they have an experienced attorney on their side. They will often file a request with the court to terminate their probation early. They can also navigate the legal process much easier because they don’t have to fill out all the paperwork and try to find help when they don’t know who to ask. 

Defense attorneys will also make your case before the judge at a hearing. Most people find that having a lawyer talk to the court on their behalf is easier than trying to discuss everything on their own. 

A lawyer can also make a convincing argument on your behalf. They can explain to the judge why you deserve to be released from probation and how you will not be a threat to the community or the place you live. 

Keeping a Clean Record 

Keeping your record clean even of minor offenses can help ensure you get released early from probation. For a court to get you off probation early, you have to show good behavior and reform. You don’t want any new charges while you’re on probation.

Having an attorney who can point out your good behavior and all the changes you’ve made since being out of jail can help convince the court you have made real progress since being on probation. 

You will also need to make sure you have paid any fines and restitution that you owe. If part of your stipulation is that you have to do drug testing or go to counseling, you need to make sure you do all of that. Missing even one session or drug test can make it hard for your lawyer to make an argument on your behalf. 

Serving Half of Your Probation Term

Even the best of attorneys will have a hard time getting you off probation early if you haven’t served half your term. Before asking a lawyer to help you, make sure half your probation term is already behind you. However, there may be exceptions. Reach out to a lawyer if you have questions. 

Speak with a Probation Lawyer for Help

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