August 15, 2021

How a DUI Impacts a CDL License

If you have had a DUI in the past and are looking at getting a CDL license, you might be wondering if the DUI impacts you getting a CDL license. If you already have a CDL license, you might also be wondering if the DUI will affect the license you already have. 

Many people rely on their CDL license for money via employment, so potentially losing the license can make it much tougher for you to do your job or earn money. With your job at stake, it’s important you learn how the DUI could impact your life and job. Call a Chicago DUI lawyer near you for possible help if a DUI is in the way of your employment.

Application Rejection or License Suspension 

A DUI conviction comes with many penalties, some more severe than others. Each state also has different DUI laws and blood alcohol content (BAC) levels. In Illinois, your BAC must be below 0.08 percent. But if you’re a commercial driver, you can be arrested for driving under the influence at just 0.04 percent.

Along with jail time, fines, and counseling, some DUI penalties also include you getting your license revoked or suspended. If you haven’t applied for a CDL yet, your application might be rejected once the DUI is noted. Some states do not even allow you to apply if you have a DUI. 

Even if your regular license is not suspended, you could still get a rejected CDL license application if your DUI is still on your record. Drivers with existing CDL licenses often face a one-year suspension of their CDL license when they receive a DUI. 

Keep this in mind even when you are driving your personal vehicle. You don’t have to be driving your employment car to get your CDL revoked. If you get more than one DUI, you could face permanent suspension of your CDL license.

Steps to Take When You Receive a DUI 

If you have received a DUI and have your license suspended, try to wait to apply for a CDL application. Contact your place of employment after getting the DUI. It’s better for them to find out from you than hearing it from the court or a police officer. 

If you’ve been convicted, pay any fines or other penalties. Waiting to pay the fees can result in further suspension or even permanent loss of your license. 

Most people who are facing suspension of both their personal license and CDL license choose to go to court and fight the charges. This is because your career is being affected as well as your personal life. 

But negotiating with the court can be hard for you. Many people choose to partner with a lawyer at this time so they can help to get the charges minimized.

Partnering with a Lawyer 

Working with a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ can impact your future by lessening or dropping your charges or by helping you get your CDL license back more quickly. 

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