Chicago Kidnapping Lawyer

Have you been accused of kidnapping, and now you’re worried about your future? Reach out to a kidnapping attorney in Chicago to talk about your case and how you can fight those charges. 

Keeping a person against their will is a serious offense. You might already know firsthand, having been arrested and booked for the crime. Now, you might be worried about what your future holds if you’re convicted. 

The lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ may be able to help you protect your future. If you’ve been accused of kidnapping, don’t wait for a conviction. Make sure you have a Chicago kidnapping lawyer on your side so you understand what’s on the line and what you can do about it. 

Penalties of a Kidnapping Conviction

Kidnapping is a Class 2 felony, which is a severe offense. Class 2 felonies mean you could be in prison for three to seven years, which is a significant portion of your life. That’s not to mention the fines you and your family will face and the damage a criminal record can do to your financial and social standing. 

If you’re charged with aggravated kidnapping, though, you’ll be facing a Class X felony. Aggravated kidnapping includes any of the following: 

  • Kidnapping a child under thirteen
  • Abduction with the intent to get a ransom
  • Committing the offense with a firearm

For a Class X felony, you could be in prison for up to thirty years. That’s the potential for decades of your life in prison if you don’t seek out a Chicago abduction lawyer’s help. 

How a Chicago Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

Fighting a felony isn’t easy. The prosecution may have significant evidence against you, and you may not have the resources to fight back. Worse, you may not have the experience needed to fight your charges in Chicago court

That’s where a Chicago abduction attorney can help. We understand the charges you’re facing, and we have the resources to build a defense for your kidnapping case. We know what evidence will help your case, which can protect you from a long prison sentence. 

Even if you think you have no chance of a dismissal, especially if you’ve admitted guilt, your lawyer may still be able to help. We can fight for probation, which can keep you out of prison at the expense of some rights. 

Talk to a Chicago Kidnapping Attorney

Accusations of kidnapping are serious, and they can happen even if you didn’t mean any harm. You might have tried to get more time with your children after a divorce, for example, only to be charged with a felony in Chicago. 

If you’re concerned about your kidnapping charges, the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ can help. We understand the severity of your charges, and we can help you fight back to protect your future. If you’re ready for the right defense, reach out to an attorney from our firm who can help you. 

To get started, reach out to a Chicago kidnapping lawyer by calling 312-519-3171 or by completing the following online contact form.