Skokie Marijuana Lawyer

When you’re accused of a weed-related criminal offense, you could face penalties that will affect your future. When that happens, contact a Skokie cannabis lawyer for help defending your case and possibly getting your charges dismissed. 

When you’re accused of any drug-related offenses, you could be facing misdemeanor or even felony charges. Even as marijuana laws change in the United States, it’s still illegal recreationally in Illinois, which means Skokie residents could be arrested for and convicted of crimes involving this substance. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we’ve seen firsthand how serious a weed conviction can be. You may need a Skokie marijuana lawyer to help you understand your penalties and fight back for a possible dismissal of your case. 

Penalties for Marijuana Possession in Skokie

When you’re charged with a marijuana criminal offense, the penalties can vary widely, depending on the details of your Skokie case. For example, if you’re charged with possession of less than ten grams of weed, you might only receive a civil fine for a conviction. Larger amounts could mean larger penalties, though. 

In many cases, you might be paying fines worth thousands of dollars. That may be thousands of dollars you don’t have. It can be especially tough to remove that debt when you’re unable to work, since a sentence may include months in jail or years in prison. 

Don’t forget your criminal record, either. Your record could affect your ability to get a job or housing. That leaves many people without shelter or the funds to take care of themselves even after they’ve served their time. Because of this, it’s best to fight your charges with a Skokie cannabis lawyer now, not later. 

Defenses for Marijuana-Related Offenses

When you’ve been accused of a drug-related crime, you need the right defense for your Skokie case. Typically, that depends on the details of your arrest. 

For example, if you were found in Skokie with a container of something that resembled weed, you might already know that it wasn’t really weed. Your Skokie marijuana attorney can have the evidence tested in a lab, to prove you didn’t really have cannabis on you. 

In other cases, it might have actually not been yours. You may have been sharing a home with a roommate, house-sitting, or borrowing someone’s car when the property was searched. You took the blame for being there, but you had no knowledge of the drugs. If you didn’t know about the drugs in question, you may be able to avoid a conviction. Talk to your lawyer in Skokie about your best defense. 

Connect with a Skokie Cannabis Attorney

The legal status of weed may be changing across the nation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be penalized for cannabis-related offenses in Illinois. If you’ve been arrested already, defending yourself from a conviction may be your first priority. 

That’s where a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ may be able to help. We can talk to you about just how important it is to fight back, and we can help you find the defense that works for your case. Getting started today can help you build your case and possibly get your charges reduced or dismissed. 

If you’re ready to work with a Skokie marijuana lawyer, contacting us is easy. Just call 312-519-3171, or complete the following online contact form.