Skokie Drug Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of drug-related offenses, your future may be on the line. Protect it by contacting a Skokie lawyer about your drug charges and finding your best defense. 

Law enforcement officials take the threat of drugs seriously. That means that those caught with drugs in Skokie could suffer through serious penalties and long-term consequences long after a conviction. 

Sadly, you might have recently been arrested for drug-related charges, or you’ve found out that there’s a warrant for your arrest. That’s a stressful situation, and you may now be worried about your future. At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we understand just how tough it can be to defend yourself against a conviction on your own. That’s why you may need a Skokie drug lawyer on your side. 

Types of Drug Charges

The severity of your penalties and the best defense for your drug-related case often depend on the charges you’re facing. Typically, your drug charges are affected by whether you’re accused of possessing, selling, or trafficking drugs. The severity can also depend on the types of drugs you’re accused of being involved with in Skokie. 

For example, possessing a small amount of marijuana is a relatively minor offense in Illinois. While it’s still important to avoid the charges, you could be facing only civil charges for possessing less than ten grams of marijuana, and an expungement related to marijuana may be fairly straightforward in the future. Other drugs, however, might have more serious penalties in Skokie and throughout the state. 

Some powerful drugs, especially those with a high rate of dependency, could have more serious charges. For example, possessing even small amounts of cocaine is a Class 2 felony, which could mean years in prison and fines up to $200,000. That’s why it’s important to talk to your lawyer about the penalties you’re possibly facing before you make any decisions. 

Drug Offense Defenses

If you’re facing drug charges, it’s important to find the right defense for your case. Your drug lawyer can help you tailor your defense to your situation in Skokie, but there are a few common defenses. 

For example, the drugs may simply not be yours. Someone else you live with or share a car with may have stored the drugs without your knowledge, and you’ll need to prove that you didn’t know about them. 

Or, you may believe the police illegally searched your property for the drugs. If you were pulled over for speeding, for example, and they looked in your trunk for drugs, in some cases, any evidence they found may not be usable in court. If you’re not sure what defense fits best for you, your Skokie criminal defense lawyer can help you find the best fit for your case. 

Speak to a Skokie Drug Offense Attorney

Fighting controlled substance charges can be especially stressful. Your freedom is in danger, not to mention thousands of dollars of your finances. A conviction could impact your life moving forward, which is why seeking a dismissal in Skokie is so important. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we understand that your future is in jeopardy if you receive a conviction, which is why we’re ready to fight for our clients. Start with a consultation, and your Skokie drug lawyer can discuss your case and your options for a defense. When you’re ready, reach out by calling 312-519-3171, or you can reach out through our online contact form at the bottom of the page.