April 01, 2020

Seeking a Domestic Violence Restraining Order during a COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place

As more people are stuck inside with their families, many people are unfortunately experiencing more domestic violence and abuse in the home. You may have been a victim of domestic violence, and now, you want to protect yourself and your children from further harm. 

Seeking a domestic violence restraining order during a COVID-19 shelter-in-place situation is tough. Rules are shifting quickly, and you may not have access to as many resources if you’re stuck at home. The good news is, you may have a chance to seek an order of protection in Chicago, even if you’re unable to leave the house. 

Restraining Orders vs. Protective Orders

The type of order you’ll need will depend on the situation you’re in, since restraining orders and orders of protection play different roles. You may need to talk to your Chicago domestic violence lawyer about the best option for your case. 

Restraining orders are typically used for preventing someone from doing something. For example, if someone is stalking you, a restraining order may prevent them from coming near you. 

An order of protection, however, prevents someone from harming you. If you’re worried your spouse or partner may hurt you or your children, a protective order can help you feel safe during these situations. But what can you do if you’re already under a stay-at-home order? 

Seeking Help while under a Stay-at-Home Order in Chicago

Your safety and your children’s safety is your top priority, but you also need a place to stay during the stay-at-home order. Because of that, you may be hesitating right now to file an order of protection against your spouse or partner. 

That’s where a Chicago domestic violence lawyer can help. COVID-19 is affecting the ways we live in major ways, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have an opportunity to seek help. You have a chance to be placed somewhere safe. 

Getting a hearing for a protective order, especially as many courts are closing, can be difficult on your own. You may not have the means to travel or to put distance between you and your abuser, and you may be concerned about being seen at all for your protective order. Your lawyer can step in and help you organize your hearing, your paperwork, and your options for safety. 

Talk to a Domestic Violence Lawyer about a Restraining Order 

Domestic violence is a serious problem, and it’s not something you have to accept just because of the Chicago coronavirus stay-at-home order. You have options when it comes to protecting yourself. But you need the right attorney to help you get the order you need and make plans to protect your family.

If you’re seeking a domestic violence restraining order during a COVID-19 shelter-in-place rule, you may need help from a lawyer at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. Your Chicago attorney can help you seek the order that can protect you and your family from further abuse. 

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