March 16, 2020

Can You Get a DUI on a Scooter in Illinois?

When you think of a DUI, you’re probably thinking of someone serving all over the road, drunk and behind the wheel of a car. However, that’s not true of all DUI charges. You may not have been in a car at all, but the police still stopped you. 

Can you really get a DUI on a scooter in Illinois? 

You don’t want to get caught disobeying state laws, which could lead to a DUI conviction and serious penalties. Because of this, make sure you’re prepared to act if you’re pulled over while on a scooter in Illinois. 

Driving Under the Influence

In Illinois, you’re expected to stay within the legal limit, or you could receive a DUI. Most people assume that only applies to cars, but that’s not the case. Instead of affecting only drivers, it affects any motorized vehicles, including electric scooters. 

Because of this, you’ll need to stay within the legal limits no matter what type of vehicle you’re in or on. For example, you could be pulled over and even arrested if your blood alcohol concentration, or BAC, level is above .08 percent. Underage drivers aren’t allowed to have any alcohol in their system, due to Illinois’ zero tolerance laws on underage drinking. 

Penalties for an Illinois DUI on a Scooter

If you receive an Illinois DUI conviction, you may struggle with the penalties on your case. For example, you may have serious financial penalties. These financial penalties can add up to thousands of dollars, and they don’t stop there. 

You could be jailed for a DUI—yes, even if you were on a scooter—and your sentence may be more severe if you were actively endangering the people around you by speeding or having a minor with you. That means months away from your home, your family, and your job. If this isn’t your first conviction, you could even face prison time, which means years away from your family. 

Unfortunately, it’s not over just because you paid off your fines and completed your sentence. You could face long-term penalties for your case, starting with your criminal record. Now that you have a DUI conviction on your case, you may be ineligible for certain jobs, especially if they involve driving. You may also lose housing and other opportunities because of your conviction. 

Fight Back with an Illinois DUI Lawyer

When you’re accused of an Illinois DUI, it’s one thing to be accused while behind the wheel of a car. To be accused of a DUI on a scooter in Illinois, though, can be embarrassing. That’s why you may be ready to fight back now with an Illinois DUI lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. 

Our attorneys can help you address the details of your case, even if you were on a scooter when you were arrested. Your DUI lawyer can help you gather evidence for your case, build a defense, and represent you in court. 

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