Joliet DUI Lawyer

Accused of a DUI? You’ll need to take action now to avoid harsh penalties that can haunt you for years after a conviction. Contact an attorney if you’re accused of drinking and driving in Joliet.

As more people become aware of the dangers of driving under the influence, keeping drunk drivers off the road becomes a larger priority for police officers and state officials. However, that may mean you were arrested for drinking and driving, putting your future in danger. 

A DUI is a serious offense that may be punished harshly, which can hurt you in the future. Fortunately, you’ll have a chance to fight back and possibly get your charges dismissed. If you’re struggling with your case, you’ll need a Joliet DUI lawyer on your side. At Chicago Trusted Attorneys, we’ll help you fight back when you’re accused and help you understand the charges you’re dealing with. 

Penalties for DUI Charges

When you’re accused of a DUI, you may have severe penalties leveled against you. First, driving under the influence is a criminal offense. Driving with a BAC of more than 0.08 percent is a Class A misdemeanor

That means you could be put in jail for up to a year for a conviction, as well as having to pay fines that could reach as high as $2,500. That’s a serious penalty that could have lasting effects on your record and your life, so seek out a Joliet lawyer before you accept the charges or plead guilty or not guilty. 

Effects on Your Illinois Driver’s License 

Unfortunately, even if you avoid jail time, your drivers license can still be affected. You’ll have your license revoked for a year if you’re convicted, which means you’ll be unable to use the vehicle you pay for and maintain. 

You’ll also see effects on your insurance as well. Being charged with a misdemeanor for a moving violation and losing your license won’t go unnoticed. That means you could be paying higher amounts just to maintain your coverage.

All these penalties can add up, making it difficult or impossible to focus on your family or on your job. That’s why you’ll need to fight back as soon as possible with help from a DUI lawyer. We can help you understand your Joliet DUI penalties and what you can do about them. 

Connect with a Joliet Lawyer after a DUI

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence, you’ll need to understand the consequences of a conviction and what you can do to avoid them. Unfortunately, even if you understand how dire the situation is, it can be tough to fight back. 

That’s why you need a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys on your side. Our attorneys know how seriously the court will take a DUI offense, so you’ll need someone who can defend your right to your license and your freedom. We’ll help you build the right defense and prepare for your day in court. 

If you’re struggling with accusations of driving under the influence, you’ll need a Joliet DUI lawyer to help you defend your case in Will County. When you’re ready to get help defending yourself, reach out by calling 312-519-3171 or by completing the online form below.