Joliet Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you’re accused of a crime, you’ll need someone on your side to help you avoid the major consequences you could face for a conviction. Fortunately, a lawyer in Joliet can help make a difference in your case.

An accusation of criminal charges can affect your life for years after your conviction. If you have a family to support, that can be even more severe. You’ll need to protect yourself from these charges and fight back with help from a Joliet criminal defense lawyer before you’re charged. 

Fortunately, an attorney from Chicago Trusted Attorneys can help. We understand how frightening it can be to have these accusations leveled at you, so we’ll help you protect yourself when you’re accused. 

Common Penalties for Criminal Offenses

When you’re accused of a crime, we’ll first review the consequences you could be facing for a conviction. That way, you understand what’s at stake and what maximum penalties you could face. 

For example, if you’re facing felony penalties, your charges could be especially high. Spending a significant time in prison is a possibility for some criminal offenses. In addition, you could be dealing with thousands of dollars of debt besides that. 

While a misdemeanor may not have penalties that are as harsh, you’ll still need to take care to avoid those penalties. In Illinois, for a Class A misdemeanor, you could serve up to a year in prison, as well as face fines that could be as high as $2,500. 

That doesn’t include the social consequences of felony or misdemeanor charges. As such, you’ll need to contact the right Joliet attorney for your case before you accept the penalties. 

Building a Strong Defense

Once you know your charges, you’ll need legal guidance when it comes to building the right defense for your case. Fortunately, your Joliet defense attorney can review the details of your case and help you find the strongest defense for your situation, possibly getting your charges completely dismissed. 

The details of your defense will depend on your case. For example, if you’re accused of drug-related charges, you may have evidence that you weren’t aware of the drugs. You may have borrowed a friend’s vehicle, or your roommate may have been keeping drugs in your home without your knowledge. 

In other cases, proving that you had no intent to harm may be the focus of your defense. For example, if you’re accused of assault because they claim you threatened another person, you may try to prove that the threat was not serious. 

Seek Out a Criminal Defense Attorney in Joliet 

When you’re accused of a criminal offense, getting a complete dismissal of your case can be tough. Every case is different, so you may struggle to find the right defense. That could lead to you dealing with more penalties that could have been avoided. 

That’s where a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys steps in. We understand the importance of a strong defense and a solid understanding of the charges you’re facing. As such, we’ll help you find the answers you need before you fight back. 

When you’re ready to begin, your Joliet criminal defense lawyer can help you get started. Simply give us a call at 312-519-3171 or complete the online form below.