December 12, 2019

Is CDL Ticket Dismissal Possible in Illinois?

As a CDL license holder, your career depends on the card that says you’re legally allowed to drive commercial vehicles. However, if you’ve received a CDL ticket, you may be worried about your future as a commercial truck driver. 

Is a CDL ticket dismissal possible in Illinois for your case? In some cases, you may have a chance to seek a dismissal, avoiding harsh penalties that could affect your future. Talk to your Chicago traffic ticket lawyer about your options, so you don’t have to worry about losing your income due to one simple mistake.

Why You Need to Fight a CDL Ticket

As a trucker, you don’t have as many opportunities to make mistakes. These big trucks are much more dangerous than other vehicles on the road. The results of a minor mistake could be catastrophic and deadly. That means the penalties for CDL tickets are matched to the potential severity of the aftermath.

For example, you won’t be punished based on the driving points system. Instead of that system, you’ll lose your license for a set time based on how many violations you have. 

Because of this, if you’re convicted of two or more serious traffic violations within three years, your license may be suspended. That affects your financial future. You’ll have to learn how to find employment in an entirely different industry.

Don’t Accept Reduced Penalties

You may have an option for a reduced sentence, especially if you attend driving school. Some drivers think this may be the easiest way to avoid consequences and keep their license. Unfortunately, it could lead to more trouble over time. 

Accepting reduced penalties does still often mean you’ll have a conviction on your record. If you’re ticketed again, it could affect whether you get to keep your license. Those penalties can still haunt you, so it may be better for your future to fight back with a lawyer’s help. 

Your Options for a CDL Ticket Dismissal 

If you’re ticketed and your CDL license is in danger, you have the chance to beat that traffic ticket in court. You’ll start by pleading not guilty and getting a court date. 

From there, your attorney can help compile evidence that proves you weren’t breaking the law. This evidence can vary, from phone records to photos and even expert witnesses. Your lawyer can help you determine what evidence you need, and they can present that evidence in court on your behalf.

Talk to Your CDL Ticket Lawyer

When you’re accused of breaking a traffic law, you’re already in trouble. If you’re a CDL license holder, the risk of losing your license is even higher, and it could lead to a suspension that affects your livelihood. 

Luckily, you don’t have to accept a license suspension. You have a chance to fight those charges with a Chicago CDL ticket lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. Instead of risking your license, talk to a lawyer, who can make your CDL ticket dismissal possible in Illinois. 

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