625 ILCS 5/6-303: Driving on a Suspended License in Illinois

When you’re pulled over, there’s a possibility of having your license suspended if you were breaking some serious rules. What happens, though, when you’re pulled over and already had a suspended license? 

Driving with a suspended license in Illinois is no laughing matter. You could be facing jail time, and that could seriously hurt your future. Instead of accepting that, reach out to a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ to determine what the consequences of a conviction may be and what you can do about your case. 

Penalties for Driving on a Suspended License 

Driving with a suspended license is already dangerous. You’ve been accused of being unfit to drive, and so driving anyway may be considered more serious by the courts than the original charges you were handed. 

Even a first-time offense is a Class A misdemeanor, which has some serious penalties. For example, you could be in jail for up to a year, which is a long time to spend away from family, friends, and your career. Your fines could also be up to $2,500, with a minimum fine of $75. That puts you in debt, not to mention the damage to your record. 

Unfortunately, the penalties can be worse. In cases where you injure or kill someone in a car accident while driving with a suspended license, you could now be charged with a Class 4 felony, which comes with severe penalties if convicted, like prison time and a felony on your record. 

Monitoring Devices and Your Suspended License 

You may have had a monitoring device on your car, which are typically used to make sure you’re not drinking and driving. In some cases, these devices may prevent your car from starting if you’re not within the legal BAC limit or if your license was taken away.

However, you may have been accused of getting past the monitoring device and driving anyway. That raises the consequences of a conviction.

Talk to your suspended license attorney about your options. 

Talk to an Illinois Suspended License Attorney about Your Case

When you’re accused of driving on a suspended license in Illinois, it can be tough to avoid a conviction. Illinois’s law 625 ILCS 5/6-303 on suspended licenses sets out some serious punishments for those convicted of the crime. That’s why you need help defending yourself against these accusations. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we understand that it isn’t easy to avoid consequences for serious charges like these. That’s why you may need to work with a suspended license lawyer who can represent your case. To contact your lawyer before your trial, call 312-519-3171, or complete the online contact form below for more information.