Aggravated DUI in Illinois

If you’ve been pulled over for drinking and driving, you are likely aware that a conviction can already leave you in serious trouble. Unfortunately, your case may be even more difficult. You’ve been accused of an aggravated DUI, which is even more severe than your typical Chicago drunk driving charges

When you’re dealing with an arrest for driving under the influence, you may need a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ on your side now. An aggravated DUI in Illinois is tough to fight, so seeking out help now can help you face your charges and potentially even avoid a conviction. 

What Is an Aggravated DUI? 

Driving under the influence is something that many of us understand and try to avoid. Illinois laws are generally strict on these types of offenses because of the risk they pose to the people around you. Because drinking and driving can be so dangerous, you may already be facing severe consequences. 

However, aggravated DUI charges are even more serious because they have aggravating factors. That means you’re being accused of something beyond just drinking and driving. 

For example, you may have also had a minor under sixteen in the vehicle. Having three or more DUI offenses on your record or not having a valid license are also grounds for an aggravated DUI charge. Unfortunately, an aggravated DUI could leave you with more severe penalties, so speak to your attorney in Illinois before you accept the consequences. 

Penalties for an Illinois Aggravated DUI

A DUI conviction can seriously hurt your future. You might be facing jail or prison time, fines, and effects on your license and insurance. Unfortunately, an aggravated DUI may come with even more severe penalties than these. 

First, most aggravated DUI cases will be at least a Class 2 felony, if not more serious. That means you may be facing up to seven years in prison. Even the minimum sentence of three years can disrupt your life, your living situation, and your career. 

You’ll also be facing financial penalties that could make recovering after prison difficult. Your fines could total up to $25,000 in many situations, and you could also be facing community service, in many cases. 

Your drivers license, insurance, and vehicle registration can also be impacted. Your license could be revoked for life, and your vehicle registration may be suspended. Even if your license can be restored, though, you may struggle to afford your insurance. Insurers may be unwilling to ensure someone with an aggravated DUI penalty, so be aware of these long-term effects before you make any decisions. 

Connect with an Illinois DUI Lawyer

Dealing with an aggravated DUI can be complex, difficult, and draining. You just want to get your life back, but you’re not sure where to begin fighting back. Worse, you’ll be fighting against severe charges. 

That’s why it’s important not to face your case alone. An aggravated DUI in Illinois is serious, and a lawer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ may be necessary to help you recover. 

Fortunately, you have the chance to get the right attorney before you begin. When you’re ready, just give our firm a call at 312-519-3171 or complete the online form below to learn more.