How Defense Attorneys Build a Case

When you are charged with a crime, especially a serious one, there is nothing more important than finding a good lawyer. This also means that district attorneys are prolific at charging and prosecuting crimes in the area. You will want to know how to build a strong defense in this case. 

Having a knowledgeable Chicago lawyer can help with this. Talk to the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys® when you’re building a case and need help with your defense

Building the Narrative of the Case

To prove your innocence, you need a narrative of the case. Jurors want to know that you have another version or side of the story. This is what they will consider against the evidence that the district attorneys bring against you.

The story you tell and the explanation you give have to be compelling. When speaking with experienced lawyers, they can help you craft the best angle to take in court. 

Collecting Evidence, No Matter How Small

Obtaining all of the relevant evidence is essential in any good defense. Whether the evidence they find is big or small, having it present in court during the discovery process is important. 

Your lawyer should visit the scene of the crime, speak with all of the witnesses, and collect the necessary documents. Using an investigator during this time is important to collect as much information on the case as you can.

Gathering Witnesses

Gathering witness testimonies goes a long way in proving your innocence. There are eyewitnesses who may receive subpoenas if they were present at the scene of the crime. 

There are also character witnesses and experts. These experts can specialize in forensics, healthcare, psychology, or other fields. They’re used to provide opinions on the case. Character witnesses will speak on behalf of the defendant and tell their idea about the defendant. 

Trial consultants are sometimes used to assist in creating an ideal defense strategy to run with in court. Jury consultants might also be used to provide insight into how the members of the jury may react to any evidence presented during the case. 

Knowing and Understanding the Law

It is important to hire a lawyer that understands the law and has experience in cases like yours. They have to prove without a doubt that you did not commit the crime in question. They can use their knowledge of the law to do this.

Many of the defenses that are lost in court are due to having a lawyer with a lack of law knowledge. They may not understand your rights, or the specific laws pertaining to the crime you’ve been charged with. 

Build Your Case with a Chicago Law Office

If you’re facing a case, whether criminal or not, you want the best counsel. They can notify you of your rights, tell you the next steps, and what to expect. They help you build a case to present to the court. 

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