Gun Charge While on Probation in Illinois

Probation may be strict and demanding, but it does give you an opportunity you wouldn’t otherwise have—an opportunity to avoid a sentence in jail or prison. That means that many people are able to stay with their families and keep their jobs, even if they’re convicted of a crime. 

While you may have been one of these lucky people before, that’s in jeopardy now. You’re now dealing with gun charges while on probation in Illinois. What can you do? 

The lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ can help you overcome the struggles you may have while on probation. If you’re concerned about how new charges can affect your probation, reach out for help avoiding these charges and protecting your future. 

You Could Lose Your Probation Opportunity

Probation is an option that’s not available for everyone. Because you were convicted of a crime, this option is only available if you meet certain requirements, like avoiding places that serve alcohol, attending classes or rehab programs, or giving up your firearms. 

The details depend on your case, but violating the terms of your probation in Illinois can result in losing your probation. That means you’ll be returned behind bars, where you’ll finish out your sentence term. 

Hearings for Violating Your Probation

Losing your probation opportunity isn’t the only penalty you could face. In addition to losing your probation and being tried for another criminal offense, you’ll also be tried for violation of probation. 

You and your probation attorney will need to attend a hearing about the violation. There, they’ll decide whether you violated your probation and whether you should be allowed to maintain your probation agreement. 

When this happens, having a lawyer on your side may be the one thing standing between you and the complete loss of your probation privileges. Your lawyer can help defend you if you’re struggling to avoid a conviction for violating your probation agreement. 

Protect Your Probation with an Illinois Defense Attorney

If you’ve been accused of a gun charge while on probation in Illinois, your future may feel uncertain. Your probation gives you a chance to be with your family and to avoid more time in jail or prison. Now, you may be sent back without an opportunity for probation. 

Instead of letting your probation be taken, talk to the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. A probation violation is a serious matter, but the right lawyer can help. We can focus on building a defense for your case for both the gun charges and your violation hearing. That can keep you from feeling stretched in too many directions. 

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