Do I Need a Lawyer to Clear a Warrant in Illinois?

Dealing with an arrest, no matter the charges, can be scary. You’re accused of committing a crime, and you’re worried about handling your case discreetly and quickly. That can be tough to do when you could be arrested at any time. 

You need to get your warrant cleared, but do you need a lawyer to clear a warrant in Illinois? A lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ can be vital to your case when you’ve been issued a warrant, so make sure you have the right guidance on your side when your future is on the line. 

Clearing Your Bench Warrant in Court

If you’ve been issued a bench warrant, that typically means that you failed to appear in court. When that happens, the Illinois judge may put out a warrant from their bench, known as a bench warrant, to bring you into the courtroom. 

To clear a bench warrant, you’ll need to appear in court, and your Illinois warrant lawyer can help you with that. If you’ve been charged with a felony, you’re generally required to appear in court. However, misdemeanors can be dismissed if the related warrant wasn’t properly served to you. 

In some cases, you may not have to set foot inside the courtroom. Your warrant lawyer can instead appear on your behalf. That lessens the pressure on you and makes your recovery even easier. 

An Illinois Lawyer for Discreet Arrests

If you’ve been issued an arrest warrant because you’ve been accused of a crime, you may need help arranging a discreet, quick arrest. You could be arrested at any time if there’s an arrest warrant out for you, which can be embarrassing if that happens during a traffic stop, at school, or at work, for example. 

That’s where an arrest warrant lawyer can step in. If you need to be booked and have your information entered into the system, they can often contact the police and arrange to have you taken to the police station without drawing attention to the situation. They can also help you prepare your bail in advance, which minimizes the time you’ll spend in jail. 

Talk to an Illinois Criminal Defense Attorney about Your Warrant

Whether you’re dealing with an arrest warrant or a bench warrant in Illinois, you’ll need to deal with the summons soon. That may mean going to the police station and turning yourself in. However, that can be a scary prospect, and there’s a chance that you could be arrested at any time. 

A lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ may be your key to clearing your warrant in Illinois. If you’re concerned about your case and you want to avoid an arrest, your lawyer may be able to have the warrant cleared. Your lawyer may also be able to arrange to make your arrest as easy and quick as possible. That means you can spend less time behind bars and more time working on your case.

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