Chicago Criminal Trespass Lawyer

In Illinois, a charge of criminal trespassing should not be taken lightly. Trespassing is a term most are familiar with, but criminal offenses may be much more complicated than they seem. In many cases, those accused may not even realize they were doing anything wrong at the time.

If things do not go your way at trial, a criminal conviction will follow you throughout your life. It will impact your reputation, finances, and professional future. Fortunately, the legal team at Chicago Trusted Attorneys® is ready to put in the work to defend you to minimize or eliminate the negative impact on your future. 

What is Criminal Trespassing?

Trespassing is defined simply as being in a place you should not be. Criminal trespassing means that you have entered or remained on someone else’s property where it is prohibited or without permission. There are hundreds of statutes in Illinois pertaining to trespassing. 

Common places where trespassing occurs include the following: 

  • Private residences
  • Schools and government buildings 
  • Private land 
  • Bars 
  • Empty buildings, whether abandoned or property for sale

Trespassing can involve going onto property clearly marked with a trespassing sign, entering any real estate property without permission, and failing to leave a bar or residence after being asked to. This can lead to an arrest and to serious legal penalties. 

Penalties for Criminal Trespass Charges 

For a conviction to be valid, the prosecutor will have to prove intent. A defining notice is a claim that the property entered was not open to you. They’ll need to prove there were either verbal or written notices provided that clearly indicated you weren’t welcome to enter said property or that you were asked to leave. Trespassing signs should be clear and visible.

As the accused, you will need to prove that the property owner gave you consent to enter to avoid harsh penalties. By working with your legal team to argue that implied consent was inferred or express consent was given, you may avoid the negative impacts noted below. 

The penalties of a criminal trespassing charge can be severe. Each case is different and there are many variables that factor into the gravity of the situation. Charges range from a Class A misdemeanor to a Class 4 felony and carry potential jail time and thousands of dollars in fines. These charges remain on your permanent record.  

Speak with a Chicago Criminal Trespass Attorney 

Chicago criminal trespassing charges are complex. Luckily, our lawyers have extensive experience and will work with you to create the best defense tailored to your individual case. The attorneys at Chicago Trusted Attorneys® will design a plan to protect your reputation and help you move forward from these accusations. 

Your best chance for a favorable outcome is understanding your charges and partnering with a Chicago criminal trespass lawyer. Connect with Chicago Trusted Attorneys® today by calling 312-931-5411 or completing the online form below.