February 15, 2019

What Are My Rights after Being Arrested in Illinois?

When you’re arrested in Illinois, you might be worried about what happens next. As questions about police conduct and your rights as someone being arrested have risen, you may need answers about your case and what you’re able to do. 

As such, many people are asking, “What are my rights after being arrested in Illinois?” Fortunately, you’ll have certain rights when you’re taken into custody, and you’ll need to be notified of those rights. 

Make sure that, if you’re arrested, the following rights are respected. If you’ve already been arrested, give a defense lawyer a call if you suspect that you’ve been treated inappropriately.

Your Right to Remain Silent

One of the rights we usually think about when an arrest comes up are your Miranda rights. These rights are meant to protect those being arrested so that they don’t incriminate themselves on accident or otherwise misunderstand their rights. 

As such, you’ve probably heard an officer saying, “You have the right to remain silent.” The Fifth Amendment states that you don’t have to plead guilty or act as a witness against yourself, and that applies during an arrest. 

Once you’re arrested, you can also request an attorney. This lawyer will either be one you’ll hire, or the police will provide one if you can’t afford a lawyer. Once your lawyer is present, they can help you understand your case and what you should or shouldn’t say to the officers.  

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys we provide clients with a document they present to law enforcement that seeks to prevent further questioning without a Lawyer from our office being present. 

Your Right to a Speedy Process 

You can also expect not to be held for long when you’re arrested. After your arrest, you should be taken straight to the police station, where you’ll be kept while your information is being processed. Your information will be put into the system, and the nature of your arrest will also be included. 

Once this process is complete, your bail will be posted. You may have arranged for someone to cover your bail and have you released, or you may need to contact others to get your bail handled. The process, from your arrest to your trial, should be as speedy as possible. Our attorneys are trained to demand trial under the appropriate conditions on behalf of our clients in order to protect their rights and freedom.  

You have the right not to be caught in this legal situation for long. A criminal trial is a stressful event, so you shouldn’t be left waiting an unnecessary amount of time for your trial. Instead, you and your defense attorney should have the chance to act quickly for your case.

Get Help after an Illinois Arrest

When you’re under arrest, you might be worried about your rights being violated. An arrest isn’t an easy incident to deal with, so you may already be asking, “What are my rights after being arrested in Illinois?”

If you’ve been arrested, get a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys to help you ensure your rights are respected. Contact us for a consultation, and we’ll help you protect your rights after an arrest. 

When you’re concerned about your arrest, talk to a lawyer about your options. We can be contacted by calling 312-519-3171 or by filling out the online form below.