Chicago Robbery Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of robbery, you may need to fight back now to defend yourself from these charges. To protect yourself, you may need a robbery attorney in Chicago for guidance through your case. 

When you’re accused of robbery, it can be tough to know where to begin with your Chicago criminal case. Your future is on the line, and those accusations can hurt your future moving forward if you’re convicted. 

That’s why you may need a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ on your side. Your Chicago robbery lawyer can help you face the charges leveled against you, and they can help you get legal representation and the right defense for your case. 

The Difference between Robbery and Theft 

To many people, there’s not a big difference between robbery and theft. Stealing is stealing, right? However, there’s a big difference when it comes to your sentencing if you’re convicted. 

Both theft and robbery refer to the act of stealing someone else’s property. The difference between the two, though, is that robbery includes the threat of physical violence against another person. That makes the situation much more serious, and aggravating factors could raise the penalties of a conviction. 

Aggravated robbery includes the threat of a firearm or other dangerous weapon, or the use of a controlled substance on another person without their consent. These are serious accusations, which means your penalties could be severe if you’re convicted in Chicago. 

Penalties for a Chicago Robbery Conviction

If you’re accused of committing a robbery in Chicago, it’s important to act now to do what’s possible to avoid the consequences of a conviction. Robbery is a Class 2 felony and can be a Class 1 felony in certain cases, and the penalties for a felony conviction can be devastating

For example, your prison time could be between three and seven years, and other factors can make that sentence even longer. That’s the possibility of nearly a decade away from your home, your family, and your friends. That’s not to mention that you’ll be out of the workforce for years, which can affect your job opportunities. 

Other penalties, like fines and other restrictions, can be severe, and the long-term impacts can hurt your future, too. Your criminal record will affect your ability to get a job, housing, and other personal needs like this, which is why we suggest speaking with a Chicago attorney soon. 

Get Help with Robbery Charges from a Chicago Defense Attorney

If you’ve been accused of robbery, your future may be on the line. A conviction can leave you in prison for years after the case closes, making a return to your former life feel impossible. 

You may need a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ on your side in these cases. Your lawyer has the tools and resources needed for your case, which means you have someone who can defend you. We can also discuss your case before we begin so that you know we’re serious about getting your charges dropped whenever possible. 

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