Chicago Identity Theft Lawyer

If you’ve been accused of identity theft, your own finances and property may be in danger. Reach out to a Chicago attorney on identity theft to help you look into avoiding a conviction.

Many of us try to keep an eye on our credit and protect our identities from being stolen. Now, though, you’re the one accused of stealing someone’s identity, and now, your future is in jeopardy. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we understand that you’re in a tough situation, one that could lead to years in prison. Luckily, your Chicago identity theft lawyer has the resources you need to defend yourself during this time. 

What Is Identity Theft? 

“Wait a minute,” you might be thinking. “I didn’t steal someone’s social security card. Why am I being charged with identity theft?” Identity theft, however, covers more violations than this single type of theft. Identity theft covers any use of personal information, including names, for goods, services, and credit. 

For example, you might have been accused of stealing a neighbor’s mail. In other cases, you might have been accused of forging someone’s signature, buying someone’s information, or using a radio frequency identification device, or RFID, which can be used to steal credit card information. 

If you’re not sure why your case is considered identity theft, your Chicago lawyer can help you determine why you’re facing these charges in Chicago and what you can do about it. 

Penalties for Identity Theft in Illinois

Facing your charges can be tough, especially when the penalties can be so high. For example, identity theft without aggravating factors, even if it’s your first offense, is a Class 4 felony. If you’re convicted of a felony, you could face at least a year in prison, with a maximum three-year sentence. You could also face high fines and other consequences. 

If you’ve been convicted before, or if there are aggravating factors, your penalties may only get worse. For example, a Class 3 felony conviction means two to five years in prison. 

That doesn’t include the life costs that keep going after you’ve served your time. You might face trouble getting a job or housing in Chicago or elsewhere because of your criminal record. That makes putting a conviction behind you even more difficult, which is why it’s often best to fight for a dismissal now, not later. 

Contact an Identity Theft Attorney in Chicago 

If you’ve been accused of stealing someone’s identity in Chicago, you could be facing serious charges that could lead to a lifetime of trouble, if you’re convicted. It can be tough to recover from a conviction even after your time has been served. That’s why you may need help taking action now. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we understand that you’re facing devastating charges, which means you need a defense that will help you get your charges reduced or dismissed whenever possible. Working with our lawyers can help you get that help when you need it. 

When you’re ready to get started, your Chicago identity theft lawyer can help when you call 312-519-3171 or when you complete the online form below.