Can I Get a Marijuana Conviction Expunged in Illinois?

When you’ve already been convicted of a criminal offense, it can be tough to fight back against the repercussions of the conviction. You might have already struggled with your case and with your criminal record. Now, though, there may be more options for those asking, “Can I get a marijuana conviction expunged in Illinois?”

Many Illinois residents have new options for expunging former weed-related charges, so reach out for help if you have questions about your case. 

Changes to Illinois Laws Regarding Weed

Recently, the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act was signed, and though it won’t be in effect until 2020, it makes some major changes to previous laws. In the past, many Illinois residents, especially those in big cities like Chicago, faced serious penalties if convicted of marijuana possession. Soon, though, medical and recreational use of marijuana will be legal in Illinois. 

That’s not the only big change for those already convicted. You also have the chance to get your record expunged. People convicted of having less than thirty grams of cannabis will be granted automatic clemency, and those convicted of having amounts between thirty and five hundred grams may seek expungement after the act goes into effect. 

Other steps should make recovery from a criminal record even easier. This bill will even help convicted people seek out business licenses, giving them new opportunities to recover after a marijuana conviction. 

Marijuana Convictions Can Be Expunged

If you’re eligible, you may have one of two options for your case. These depend on whether your conviction involved marijuana amounts above or below thirty grams. 

As mentioned, for those convicted of cannabis possession of less than thirty grams, your record may be eligible for automatic clemency. That means your case will be physically destroyed, leaving you without that conviction on your record. In these cases, for peace of mind, you still may want a Chicago lawyer to help you ensure your record has been cleared. 

For those convicted of possessing more than thirty grams, you may not receive an automatic expungement, but that doesn’t mean you’re not eligible. In these cases, your marijuana expungement lawyer can help you file the right paperwork. You’ll file a petition to have your record cleared of those charges, which will be reviewed by the state’s attorney

Even if they object to your expungement, your lawyer can help. Your lawyer will be on your side during your hearing, which can help you seek the help you need for expungement. 

Seek an Expungement with Help from an Illinois Marijuana Lawyer

When you’re struggling with a marijuana-related conviction, getting your record expunged can make a big difference. Now, you might be able to move past your conviction and recover from the charges. 

Soon, you can get a marijuana conviction expunged in Illinois, but make sure you talk to your lawyer  from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ first. They can help you get the answers you need before you seek expungement, and they can help you understand the other help you can get because of this bill. 

If you still have questions, make sure you seek out a Chicago marijuana expungement lawyer for help with your case. To begin, reach out by calling 312-519-3171 or by filling out the online contact form below.