Naperville Marijuana Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with a weed-related offense, it’s important to get the right lawyer on your side now. Seek help with your charges from a Naperville attorney.

While laws around marijuana are changing all over the country, not every state is so quick to change their laws. While Illinois has made some concessions for medical marijuana use, for example, you can still face serious penalties for a marijuana conviction in Illinois. 

Seeking out a Naperville marijuana lawyer now can help you handle those charges. At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we understand how serious a conviction can be, so we’ll help you defend your case when you’re struggling. 

How a Marijuana Conviction Can Affect You

When you’re accused of a crime involving cannabis, it’s important to act now to understand what specific charges you could be facing. Every case is different, and the details will make a difference. Depending on your situation, the penalties could be severe. 

In some cases, however, you might not even be fighting against jail or prison time. Illinois has decriminalized small, personal amount of weed, which means amounts less than ten grams. These minor amounts come with fines of up to $200 for a conviction, but incarceration might not be on your list of worries. 

If you’re found selling or possessing weed in larger amounts, however, the penalties become more severe. If you’re carrying between ten and twenty grams, your offense may be bumped up to a Class B misdemeanor. That means a jail sentence of up to six months and fines up to $1,500. From there, the penalties only become more severe, so it’s important to act now. 

Your Defenses after a Naperville Arrest

Once you’ve found how serious your penalties are, it’s time to start seeking to get your charges reduced or dropped. Typically, your defense will depend on the details of your Naperville drug case

For example, you might have a medical condition, and you have a valid prescription to carry medical marijuana. In these cases, proving that the cannabis was legally yours might be the focus of your defense. 

In other cases, you may defend yourself by showing that the weed in question wasn’t yours. This is especially common for people who share a home or car—you might not even be aware that your friend or relative had marijuana in the car or house until you were the one arrested. 

Make Time for a Marijuana Lawyer in Naperville

If you’ve been arrested for weed-related offenses in Naperville, Illinois, you could be facing major penalties if you’re convicted. When your future is on the line like this, it’s important to protect your future now, not later. 

That’s why we offer consultations for people seeking a lawyer. At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we understand just how harsh the penalties for marijuana crimes can be, and we understand that it can be tough to fight back when it’s your word against a police officer’s. Fortunately, we understand, and we’re ready to help. 

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