May 11, 2021

How to Reduce DWI Charges and Penalties

When you’re charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI), you may be worried about the harsh penalties you may be facing. These penalties can impact your life for years to come, and they can lead to more serious problems in the future. Because of this, it’s important to face your DWI charges now, not later, to deal with the penalties. 

But it can be difficult to reduce these charges and penalties without help. Reach out to a Chicago DUI lawyer to take the following steps toward getting your DWI charges reduced or dismissed. 

Seek a “Wet Reckless” Charge 

When you’re accused of driving drunk, you and your DWI lawyer may be able to reduce the severity of your charges, even if you’re unable to completely dismiss the charges. For example, you may have been only slightly impaired, and you may have no record of past offenses. In these cases, your lawyer may be able to reduce the severity of your charges and reduce the penalties you would face. 

The downside of pleading for a reckless driving charge is you’ll still have a mark on your driving record going forward. While a reckless driving conviction isn’t as severe as a DWI, it can still impact your drivers license. 

Completing Your Probation 

A DWI can lead to jail time in certain situations and avoiding jail time may be your chief priority. In these cases, you and your lawyer may seek probation, rather than jail time. 

Probation doesn’t mean you’re free to go. You’ll have to meet certain requirements and restrictions. If you don’t, you may be arrested and serve the remainder of your sentence in jail. But this can help those with jobs and families take care of what’s important, while still completing their sentence. 

Find the Right Defense

When you’re accused of committing a crime, you don’t want to face harsh penalties and let your record suffer for it. You need a strong defense that helps you get your charges dismissed. Luckily, your DWI lawyer can help you gather evidence that works for your case. 

For example, you may believe the police officer didn’t have probable cause to pull you over. For example, if the officer pulled you over because your tail light was out, then decided to test you for drugs or alcohol, they may not have grounds for your case. 

Other factors can also affect the reading. Faulty testing devices, medical conditions, and even residual alcohol in the mouth can impact the reading. Talk to your lawyer about the details of your case that can impact your outcome. 

Reduce Your DWI Charges with a Lawyer’s Help 

When you’re accused of drinking and driving, getting your charges reduced or dismissed isn’t easy. But the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ have the right tools for you, and they have options for your claim. When you’re accused of a crime like DWI charges, reach out for a consultation to learn more about your defense options. Call 312-519-3171 or complete the following online contact form.