July 01, 2019

How to Find Out if Someone Is in Police Custody in Chicago

If a loved one hasn’t come home, you might be worried that they’re now in police custody. You might be concerned about a warrant, or you might suspect that they could have been arrested for certain actions. Now, you’re not sure if they’ve been taken into custody. 

You need to know how to find out if someone is in police custody in Chicago. The sooner you find out, the sooner you can help them post bail and get started on their criminal case. Fortunately, you have options to find your loved one. That way, you can then focus on their future, not on their location. 

Arrest Records and the Police Station

If you suspect that someone you know has been arrested, you may be able to find out online whether this is true. Chicago’s police department does offer some records on arrests, which can help you find the person you’re looking for. 

You may also be able to contact the police station and ask if the person is being held there. This is especially important if your child or a minor in your care is possibly in custody. If you can get answers about whether they’re there now, you can get the right resources and even a Chicago juvenile defense attorney for them right away. 

Contacting an Attorney

In some cases, it can be tough to get answers about the person in custody. If you’re unable to determine whether they are in police custody, you may need a Chicago criminal defense lawyer to help you get in touch with your family member or other loved one. 

Your lawyer should have the resources for more than finding whether they’ve been arrested. Your attorney can also help you get a bail bond for the person. That way, you can find them, provide bail, and get them out of jail as soon as possible. 

A lawyer is also a major resource for representation and legal protection. Anything said by the person in custody can be used against them in court, so seeking out an attorney now to protect them can help them. Because of this, it may be best to speak to a lawyer now about finding your loved one. 

Get Help from a Chicago Lawyer after an Arrest

Sometimes, our family members, roommates, significant others, or even children can land themselves in major trouble. When that happens, you might suspect legal trouble. Unfortunately, you might not have known until now how to find out if someone is in police custody in Chicago. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to have all the answers. Instead, you can seek out help from an attorney at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. These lawyers will have the tools you need to hopefully help you find the person in question and get them the help they need. 

If you’re struggling to find someone and you’re concerned about their current status, reach out for a lawyer by calling 312-519-3171 or by completing the following online form.