March 03, 2021

Gun Possession Charges in Illinois

Many Illinois residents own a firearm, whether that’s for self-defense, hunting on the weekends, or just for the sake of collecting. But gun ownership comes with a lot of laws and regulations. If you make a mistake or if you’re accused of breaking the law, it can hurt your future and leave you with a criminal record.

If you’re a gun owner and you’re worried about state gun possession laws, or if you’ve been accused of breaking these laws, reach out for guidance on your case from a defense lawyer before you go to court.

What If I’m Convicted for Breaking Gun Possession Laws?

When you’re facing gun possession charges, the financial penalties may be the first to impact your life. You may be facing thousands of dollars in penalties if you’re convicted, including court fines. That’s a serious loss, and it can be difficult to get out of debt.

Avoiding debt is even tougher when you’re unable to work. You may be facing a jail or prison sentence, depending on whether your case is a felony or misdemeanor. If you’re charged with a felony, you may spend years in prison, during which you won’t be unable to work and pay off these fines and fees.

Long-Term Penalties for Gun Possession Charges

Let’s say you’ve paid off your debts, and you’ve completed your prison sentence and any other parole agreement. You should be free, but your criminal record may still take a toll on you.

Your criminal record won’t simply go away. It can impact your future career, your options for living spaces, and some government services. Your criminal record may be available to those performing a background check, from landlords to banks to potential employees.

It can even impact your family life. Let’s say you’re seeking a divorce, and you want custody of your children. That criminal record may be brought up, especially if you were also charged with any domestic violence charges, as well. That could lead to a loss of custody and even visitation rights. Because of this, you may need to act now to avoid more serious problems in the future.

What to Do When You’re Arrested for Possession of a Firearm

Gun possession charges can be fought, but taking the right steps now may be vital to protecting your future. For example, you may have just found out about a warrant for your arrest. What should you do now?

Your first step is to contact a lawyer, who can arrange a discreet arrest. If you’re arrested, it’s important to stay mindful of your rights and to avoid saying anything that could hurt your case. If you’re not careful with your words, what you say can be used against you in court.

Once you’ve been arrested and your court date has been set, your lawyer can step in and help you work to get those charges dropped or dismissed. You have a chance to work with your lawyer to gather evidence that shows you weren’t breaking the law. With a lawyer to represent you, you have a chance to fight back against those charges.

Reach Out to a Gun Possession Lawyer

When you’re accused of breaking Illinois gun laws, it can impact you for years after a conviction. You may have trouble recovering from these charges, between the harsh penalties and the criminal record you would now have.

Luckily, you may have a chance to avoid the penalties and get your life back on track. The lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ are here to help you gather evidence and prove you weren’t breaking the law. If you’re struggling to take the right steps for your gun possession charges, reach out for a consultation with our lawyers. Call 312-519-3171, or complete the following online contact form.