Cicero Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal convictions can haunt you even after you’ve dealt with the penalties for your case. Fortunately, you don’t have to fight the penalties alone. Instead, connect with a Cicero attorney to see what can be done to help your defense succeed. 

When you’re going through your average day in Cicero, you’re likely not thinking much about a drug conviction or about an arrest warrant. Unfortunately, today’s not a typical day, and now you’re in a difficult legal position. 

If you’re concerned about your future when facing criminal charges, reach out to the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. A Cicero criminal defense lawyer can help you fight back and do what’s possible to get your charges reduced or dismissed. 

When You’re Arrested in Cicero

Dealing with an arrest can be a traumatic part of your situation. You’re reeling from the charges, and now, you’re dealing with the embarrassing reality of an arrest. You could be arrested during a traffic stop, at work, or at your home. 

If you believe there’s a warrant for your arrest, contact a Cicero lawyer before your arrest has a chance to take place. We know how difficult an arrest can be. That’s why we offer to help organize a discreet arrest, when possible, plus a bail bond to speed up the process. 

Penalties for Cicero Convictions

If you’re accused of a criminal action, you might be concerned about the penalties. For example, many crimes mean charges that include prison time. Whether you were accused of a drug-related crime, alcohol-related offense, violence toward others, or any other charge, you might be concerned about the potential for time in jail or prison and the effect that could have on your life. 

However, that’s not the only possibility for consequences. Often, you might be facing thousands of dollars in fines for your penalties. A conviction can even haunt you indirectly after you’ve dealt with the more obvious penalties. For example, your criminal record will be visible and can affect your future if you accept a conviction rather than attempt to defend yourself with help from a criminal defense attorney. 

Ways a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

Fighting your conviction with the help of a Cicero attorney can make a difference. Even if you believe you don’t have a chance to get your charges reduced or dismissed, your lawyer can help you explore all your options. 

When you’re accused of a crime in Cicero, you need experience and resources on your side. The prosecutor is likely to have evidence prepared to show you’re guilty, so you’ll need to address any evidence and do what you can to defend yourself. 

Even if you don’t believe you have a chance at trial, your attorney can help. Reduced charges can minimize the damage done to your future. Even if that’s not possible, your attorney may be able to help you deal with your charges in other ways. 

Connect with a Cicero Criminal Defense Attorney

If you’re struggling with a Cicero criminal case, it can be overwhelming and difficult to get the answers you need. You might be struggling to overcome these struggles and address your case. However, that’s not easy without help. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we understand how difficult it can be to recover from criminal accusations, and we want to help. If you’re struggling with your case, reach out for a consultation with your Cicero criminal defense lawyer. We can be reached by calling 312-519-3171 or by filling out the online form below.