Chicago Traffic Ticket FAQ

Have you recently been cited with a traffic ticket in Chicago? You likely have numerous questions, especially if you believe that the proposed penalties are unfair or that you were falsely accused.

The lawyers at Chicago Trusted AttorneysⓇ understand what’s at stake for you and are ready to work toward the most favorable outcome possible for your traffic violation case. We will investigate all aspects of what happened, identify the best defense possible, and represent you.

In our years defending drivers’ rights, we have seen charges dismissed, acquitted, and even reduced to avoid more points on their records. Some of the common questions that Chicago drivers charged with traffic violations ask include the following:

What happens if I ignore my traffic ticket?

Failure to respond to a traffic ticket will attract more penalties and harsher legal consequences. It can lead to additional fines, a warrant for arrest, more points on your record, and the suspension of your drivers license.

What is Chicago’s driving points system?

To keep drivers accountable and on the road, the Chicago driving points system assigns several points and adds them to your driver’s record, depending on the offense. Accumulating a specific number of points will be enough to revoke your driving license and affect your auto insurance, among other repercussions.

Will my license get suspended after a traffic ticket?

Many drivers worry about losing their right to drive more than anything else after a traffic ticket. Whether your driving license gets suspended depends on the violation and the points you’ve accumulated on your drivers record. A commercial driving license (CDL) has a higher risk of suspension after just a few points.

Will I pay more for car insurance after a traffic ticket?

Accumulating a certain number of points on your drivers record may also alert your car insurance company. If your insurer worries that you’re at high risk of causing an accident, they’re likely to hike your insurance premiums significantly.

What are my legal options after a traffic ticket?

You can either plead guilty and pay the associated fines or fight the traffic ticket charges to avoid a conviction. While contesting a ticket may take longer, you have a better chance of beating the ticket and avoiding fines, especially with legal support from a traffic ticket attorney.

What happens if I plead guilty to a traffic violation?

When you plead guilty, you admit to the charges in question and are ready for the consequences. Penalties for traffic offenses depend on the particular violation, previous traffic charges, and the total points on your drivers record. You might be facing up to one year in jail, mandatory driving classes, outrageous fines, court fees, and community service.

Do I have to go to court for a traffic ticket?

Minor traffic violations don’t require you to go to court if you choose to fight the ticket, but serious offenses will require your physical presence. The traffic ticket or other court documents that’ll come through the mail will clarify this. A lawyer can help you build a solid case and even defend your interests, whether you’re in court or not.

Do I need a traffic ticket lawyer?

Contesting a traffic ticket on your own can be challenging because of insufficient legal knowledge. Court prosecutors also see this as a weakness and know they can easily convict you. A traffic ticket attorney protects your rights to ensure that you’re not being unfairly charged. They’ll also gather evidence that can reduce or do away with the charges altogether.

What is a misdemeanor traffic offense?

A misdemeanor traffic offense constitutes more serious infractions charged as a crime. Fleeing a car accident scene, driving under the influence, reckless driving, and causing an accident that inflicts injuries and property damage, among other violations, can lead to a misdemeanor.

The penalties are a jail term of up to one year and/or a fine.

Get Legal Help from a Traffic Ticket Lawyer

It’s easy to trivialize a traffic ticket, especially if there’s no criminal offense attached. Paying the fine and getting on with life seems like the quickest solution but may prove costly down the line.

The best way to approach a traffic ticket is to get legal guidance before taking action. Take advantage of the free and confidential consultation at Chicago Trusted AttorneysⓇ to get your questions answered by a traffic ticket attorney.

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