How to Get a CDL Ticket Dismissal in Chicago

Being stopped and issued a traffic ticket is already stressful. When you drive for a living, though, losing your license could be more than inconvenient. It could affect your career and make supporting yourself and your family impossible. 

If you’re struggling to understand how to get a CDL ticket dismissal in Chicago, reach out to the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. We understand that you’re dealing with a dire case, so you need someone on your side to fight that ticket. 

Avoiding Chicago CDL Ticket Penalties 

Unfortunately, the penalties for a Chicago CDL ticket can be much steeper than those for the typical traffic ticket. CDL holders are held to a higher standard on the road, since their vehicles are potentially much more dangerous. Unfortunately, that means your penalties may be higher, too, especially if you’re convicted of a serious traffic violation. This includes violations like texting while driving a commercial vehicle. 

If you’re convicted of a traffic violation, that ticket will go on your record. If you’re convicted of two serious traffic violations, you could lose your license for at least two months. When your job depends on your ability to drive, that could leave you fired from that job. 

Your Defense for a CDL Ticket 

The best defense for your CDL ticket will often depend on the details of your traffic stop. Every case is different, so your CDL ticket lawyer should tailor your defense to your specific case. 

For example, though, let’s say you were pulled over for changing lanes without signaling. If you drive an 18-wheeler or other large vehicle, that could be a serious offense because your vehicle is so big. However, you were changing lanes to avoid a dangerous driver. 

In these cases, your lawyer may argue that you were acting as safely as possible to avoid a car accident. They may also gather evidence, like video footage of the reckless driver you were avoiding. 

Talk to Your Chicago CDL Ticket Lawyer

Traffic tickets are serious for any driver, but when your career depends on your license, fighting a CDL traffic ticket is important. So, how do you get a CDL ticket dismissal in Chicago? 

While you have options to get your CDL ticket dismissed in Chicago, you may need a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ on your side. Your attorney can help you act fast. Even if your court date is closing in, your lawyer can guide you to an appropriate defense and represent you in court. That means you can spend more time on your job, not on the worry and stress that come with a traffic court date. 

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