Chicago CDL Speeding Ticket Lawyer

If you’re accused of speeding as a truck driver, that ticket could impact your CDL license. Protect your license and your livelihood with a CDL speeding ticket lawyer in Chicago.

As a truck driver, your license is important to your job. If something happens to it, your career as a Chicago CDL holder may be over. Unfortunately, you may have just been pulled over for speeding. Now, your license could be impacted. 

At Chicago Trusted Attorneys™, we know how much losing your CDL license can affect your future. We’re here to help. A Chicago CDL speeding ticket lawyer is standing by to fight your ticket so you can get those penalties reduced or dismissed completely. 

Chicago CDL Holders Face Higher Penalties

When you’re driving a commercial vehicle, you’re held to a higher standard than the typical driver. You’re driving a much larger vehicle, so mistakes that would normally not be as serious could have a hefty impact on your license. For example, texting and driving in Chicago is considered a serious violation. 

Because your vehicle is much larger than a standard vehicle, you could face stricter penalties if you’re ticketed. If you’re accused of speeding in a commercial vehicle, even a single violation can have a serious impact. If this isn’t your first offense, you could face a license suspension. 

Losing your CDL impacts more than your insurance policy or your ride to work. If you’re unable to drive a commercial vehicle, you could lose your job. That leaves you in financial trouble, especially if you’re facing fines for a speeding violation. So what can you do about your case?

How a CDL Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Chicago Can Help You

Luckily, you don’t have to accept the penalties and risk your license. You have a chance to build a defense with a CDL speeding ticket lawyer in Chicago. If you’ve been ticketed, reach out to a lawyer to gather evidence, prepare a defense, and help get your charges reduced or dismissed. 

For example, you may believe the radar gun was incorrect. These are sensitive tools, and they may be less accurate if calibrated incorrectly. Your CDL speeding ticket lawyer can challenge the validity of the test when necessary. 

Once you determine the best defense for your case, your CDL speeding ticket lawyer can also represent you in Chicago traffic court. They have the courtroom experience needed to help your case succeed. 

Contact a CDL Speeding Ticket Lawyer in Chicago

If you’ve received a speeding ticket in Chicago, you don’t have to defend yourself. You have an opportunity to work with the lawyers at Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. Our lawyers can help you build a strong defense. That way, you can get back to work and support yourself and your family. 

When you’re ready to fight your ticket, reach out to a Chicago CDL speeding ticket lawyer for guidance. Consult a trusted CDL lawyer by calling 312-519-3171 or filling out the online contact form below.