How to Beat a DUI in Illinois

Being accused of drinking and driving doesn’t just hurt your reputation. It could also mean a license suspension, fines, and even jail time. A conviction will mean you have a criminal record, which can affect your life in numerous ways. 

Fortunately, you have options to beat a DUI in Illinois. First, though, you may need the help of a DUI lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™. We understand DUI cases, and we can help you avoid those consequences and protect your future.

Consider Your Evidence

First, you and your lawyer will need to look at the evidence against you, as well as any evidence that shows you weren’t committing a criminal offense. In some cases, you may not have committed the crime they think you did, or you may have evidence that disputes the police officer’s version of events. 

Fortunately, your lawyer can help you gather that evidence. This proof for your claim could include eyewitness statements, photos, video footage, or even expert witnesses. These witnesses can cover many difficult areas of knowledge, though, so talk to your Illinois DUI lawyer about your options. 

Find Your Best Defense

If you’re accused of committing a crime, though, you’ll need to prepare a defense using that evidence, too. That evidence can vary, based on your case, but it can inform your case and help you make decisions before your trial. 

For example, you may believe the sobriety tests, including the Breathalyzer, were inaccurate. While these tools are precise, they’re also delicate. If a police officer wasn’t properly trained and the machine wasn’t effectively calibrated, it may have been inaccurate and led to your arrest. 

Talk to an Illinois DUI Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested for drinking and driving, you still have a chance to avoid those charges. However, it’s not always easy to beat a DUI in Illinois. You may have a lot of evidence against you, and you may be concerned about the state of your case. 

That’s where working with a lawyer from Chicago Trusted Attorneys™ is key. If you’re concerned about losing your case and facing the serious penalties that come with a conviction, you may need to talk with your attorney about your case and what your next steps are. 

Fortunately, the right lawyer can help, starting with a discussion about your case. Fortunately, your lawyer can help you beat a DUI charge, from that first conversation to the final verdict. To get started with our lawyers, give us a call at 312-519-3171 or fill out the following online form below.